2016 Presidential Election Cost and Angry Taxpayer

You love Trump or you hate Trump. I don’t seem to see many moderate views of the presidency this year, but there is an excessive coverage of the “so called” Russian interference in the election. The amount in question appears to be about $100,000, with 56% of the money spent after voting day. This means […]

Weak Negotiation, Backups and Possible Future

Politics and business look a lot like passages from Sun Tzu, if you stop to think. Without being partisan or going too far into a political judgement, there are some common rules to negotiating. When your position is weak, recognizing this is important. As an agent, a weak position could be working with a highly […]

Eminent Domain, Trump and the 5th Amendment

Watching the republican debate last night, I began to think of how the fear of eminent domain is frequently abused.  I’m not talking about the undisputed right of the government to use or take property within it’s borders.  The 5th amendment actually protects private property owners, setting a standard of “just compensation”.    My thoughts […]