Cameras Essential to Every Day, iSight Replacement Program a Lifesaver!

The picture below was taken a few weeks ago and was my background for a tablet screen soon after. iPhones and cameras are such an important part of a real estate broker’s day, I could never have anticipated the change 30 years ago. My first Sony digital camera was a square setup with disc drive. […]

The Magical Blue Twitter Checkmark

I’m half tongue in cheek as I write, but everyone out there has to wonder exactly how Twitter chooses to verify an account. My business account on Facebook is verified and it is a pretty straightforward process. Twitter is something different. It isn’t popularity, because I can see accounts with fewer followers and the mythical, […]

Social Advertising Sells

Accessibility? I learn a little each year and I’m occasionally left speechless. Some time ago, a client, very vocally, complained about publication of pictures to promote a home. Ordinarily, I don’t read a lot into an unreasonable complaint, but I remember the unusual. Apparently, I published pictures of a home online. First, listing agreements note […]

Blog, News or Opinion…..What I’m not…..

Every news source moves toward bias at some point.  Blogs think they’re suddenly media, just because someone can type.   Newspapers think they’re free of bias…well, because they say they are.   Opinions can be so pervasive, we barely notice the tone we take in writing or in our lives.  Think about the recent blunders by a […]

Photographic Advantage

What sets the home apart? Landscape, privacy, trees….showcase the best features.

Filter liberally applied….this picture generated more calls in the first month of a listing…simply for the color of water.

I’m not a photographer! That said, I take thousands of pictures each year. Last year alone, I counted iPhone shots alone and racked […]

Following, Social Media and 70% to 80%

Do you engage or just watch others? Attending and being “present” or having a presence?

I’m reading through some of the changing social media use statistics. Compelling use and engagement in the 70% to 80% range is exceptional. Considering the number of times I read print advertising today, compared to 10 years ago, it […]