iPhone Tricks

I’m continually discovering a new use or app for the most useful tool in my mobile office…..my iPhone. Beyond email, scheduling and client contact information, I’ve found so many uses for the device, covering them all in one post would run chapters, instead of a few paragraphs. Today, it occurred to me to use the […]

Photographic Advantage

What sets the home apart? Landscape, privacy, trees….showcase the best features.

Filter liberally applied….this picture generated more calls in the first month of a listing…simply for the color of water.

I’m not a photographer! That said, I take thousands of pictures each year. Last year alone, I counted iPhone shots alone and racked […]

Eminent Domain, Trump and the 5th Amendment

Watching the republican debate last night, I began to think of how the fear of eminent domain is frequently abused.  I’m not talking about the undisputed right of the government to use or take property within it’s borders.  The 5th amendment actually protects private property owners, setting a standard of “just compensation”.    My thoughts […]