Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 for Real Estate….Choices…

If you’re anything like me, I overanalyze technology purchases. Over the last two years, I’ve been using an iPhone 6+, and am quite happy. I publish blog posts, take pictures and videos of homes, show homes by Skype or Facetime and it is, by far, the most useful piece of technology in my life. Why […]

Contrast in Coastal Communities and Beaches Really Matter!   

Maine Beach

My wife grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and we try to stay in touch with old friends. We came back from a visit a few days ago and the contrast was educational. I feel lucky to see a different landscape and

Amelia Island 13 Miles of Beach

historic town older […]

Cameras Essential to Every Day, iSight Replacement Program a Lifesaver!

The picture below was taken a few weeks ago and was my background for a tablet screen soon after. iPhones and cameras are such an important part of a real estate broker’s day, I could never have anticipated the change 30 years ago. My first Sony digital camera was a square setup with disc drive. […]

Bare Minimum Thoughts

Occasionally an offer just won’t work. Whether unrealistic or just “Dreaming of Dry Water”, there are sellers with impossible dreams and buyers with no money or credit. If only to save my time, I make an effort to educate clients early in the process. Consider a sale with a hypothetical list price of 100,000. […]

The Narcissist Number and Sales

…Obviously worried about appearances, my son took a picture of me exaggerating the size of a fish.

We all hear a lot about narcissism and social media seems to encourage it. Just think about selfies. Over coffee this morning, I thought it might be interesting to compare social media users and the number of […]

Remembering Early Investment Lessons or Oatmeal Never Killed Anyone

Beyond most of the thoughts you might have when buying investment property, being fairly certain of a profit should be an early rule. I can remember buying a duplex in the late 80’s. Not long out of college and I was saving most of my income and lucky enough to have a nudge in the […]

Don’t Auto-share from Social Network to Social Network

Social media is a part of our day, assuming you’re part of the 95% of the population actively engaged. Why shouldn’t you share a post from one account on one platform to another? I’m specifically talking about Facebook posts being share to Twitter and vice versa. I’ve been guilty of turning on the share button […]

How much vacancy is reasonable?   Warehouse space and community growth…..

A lender representative called yesterday. I’m assuming this was likely a review of a property with a delinquent loan. The difference is the size of the property and questions. I won’t identify the property, but it consisted partly of warehouse space and seemed to have an unusually low cap rate and unusually high vacancy. After […]

When Options Fail…Lease Purchase, Lease Option?

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  J. Wellington Wimpy – Popeye Cartoon

Lease options, lease purchases and delayed closings sometimes go badly.   As a broker, I always look for potential ways to make a sale, but am cautious as the closing times grow.  A lease option can be […]

Reminder….Flood Zones Effective Change August 2017

Areas in low elevation or near a flood zone, should pay particular attention to changes.

FEMA will adopt new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Nassau County in August. It is important to know whether your property’s flood zone will change and, if building, whether construction cost might change. In the past year, I ran […]