Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 for Real Estate….Choices…

If you’re anything like me, I overanalyze technology purchases. Over the last two years, I’ve been using an iPhone 6+, and am quite happy. I publish blog posts, take pictures and videos of homes, show homes by Skype or Facetime and it is, by far, the most useful piece of technology in my life. Why […]

Cameras Essential to Every Day, iSight Replacement Program a Lifesaver!

The picture below was taken a few weeks ago and was my background for a tablet screen soon after. iPhones and cameras are such an important part of a real estate broker’s day, I could never have anticipated the change 30 years ago. My first Sony digital camera was a square setup with disc drive. […]

iPhone Pictures and Real Estate

I’m often at a property with only an iPhone for pictures….or is it “ONLY” an iPhone? The shots I manage with several apps and the editing features built into the phone aren’t exactly shabby. Some of the tricks I use include panoramic shots, angles meant to show off the depth or showcase a feature and […]

iPhone Tricks

I’m continually discovering a new use or app for the most useful tool in my mobile office… iPhone. Beyond email, scheduling and client contact information, I’ve found so many uses for the device, covering them all in one post would run chapters, instead of a few paragraphs. Today, it occurred to me to use the […]