Landscaping Ideas and Trend Toward Drought Tolerance


Interested in plantings suited to the climate and landscaping to minimize water usage? Hang around a nursery specializing in native or drought tolerant plants and specialty hard improvements. Improving curb appeal and reducing water consumption is just smart, here in Florida.

Florida-friendly Plant Database Drought–Tolerant Plants for North and Central Florida—University of […]

Land, Contacts, Experience……Sunday

The last week has been an interesting week, with some of the busiest days I remember, since 2005/6.   This afternoon, after the “officially lost count” weekend in a row of working instead of playing, today was actually pleasant.   Only 11 emails of varying length, posts to , , , , […]

Economic Growth On the Road to Recovery

I see the changes and appreciate the drop in inventory, as well as the changes to price and days on market locally.  My concern is a lack of sales volume increase.  As prices increase, I would assume we will also see growth in refinance activity.  HARP refinance is still attractive in the near term, but […]

Logical to Use Existing Site for Addition to Nassau County Library in Fernandina

Logical Addition to the library. Close atrium, use the Alachua side for addition and only lose a few staff spots.

If you look at the picture, you’ll see an aerial view of the Nassau County Public Library site in downtown Fernandina. In recent years, a great deal of discussion centered on moving the library […]

Excellent Glasses….Nice Logo…Margaritaville Sunglasses

Writing a website sometimes has it’s advantages.  I was recently asked to review a pair of Margaritaville sunglasses.   Although I spent well over 30 years surfing, grew up in Florida and tend to buy high end sunglasses fairly often, it still was nice to be the Florida local chosen for an opinion.   Thanks again Gencey!


Thieves Target Fittings…..Scott and Son’s Victimized!!!! Brass and Copper Theft

As the price of metal goes up, thieves are stealing everything from copper wire to drains in the street to water valves and fire hydrants.  We met with Davey Coker of Prime Lending this morning and on the way out were surprised to see all the missing valves for the location.  The fittings are far […]

Weekend in Fernandina

Mixed-Use Creates More Tax Revenue

The article linked below brings up an interesting debate.   If you look at much of the development here in Nassau County, consider the cost to govern or manage the land used by a traditional shopping center vs. an existing mixed use area like Downtown Fernandina Beach.  Parts of Amelia Island have been moving toward a […]

What we need in the future and why does anyone want to live on Amelia Island?

My family and I took the time this weekend to visit a planned community in Central Florida.  My wife’s aunt is considering a move and instead of Amelia Island, they chose a planned community that looks like a more modern Amelia Island.  I’m not quite in the target market, so in a way I understand…in […]

Deli, General Store or Pub?

Centre Street needs variety.  I visited the new General Store this morning with a friend for coffee and a breakfast biscuit.    The coffee was good and breakfast sandwich is good.  The sandwich comes in easily at #1 or #2 on the island, but I don’t think this is the best thing about the General Store.  […]