IO Moth Caterpillar

My son picked this up and managed to “maybe” enjoy a sting a few minutes ago. It really is worth reading the information on poisonous caterpillars in Florida.



IO Moth Caterpillar taken on 8 30 14 by Landon Boner


“Pale green with yellow and red stripes. Often exceeds 2″ in […]

Land, Contacts, Experience……Sunday

The last week has been an interesting week, with some of the busiest days I remember, since 2005/6.   This afternoon, after the “officially lost count” weekend in a row of working instead of playing, today was actually pleasant.   Only 11 emails of varying length, posts to , , , , […]

Storms on the Horizon

This looks like a serious storm hitting Amelia Island this afternoon.  The effect is dramatic as the storm moves over the local Fernandina Beach High School.  Torrents of rain are falling outside and if color were an indicator, I expected to see tornados.




Bees Active on Amelia Island


This bee’s nest on the island is a common site if you look carefully at surrounding trees.  Bees are usually more active in the summer and generally will leave you alone if you don’t disturb the tree or nest.

I found the following quote from the Florida Department of Agriculture….amusing.  They recommend Running […]

Veteran’s Day Parade



Fernandina Waterfront Park Proposed Features (sampling)

Interim Manager Hired CoFB

Dave Lott, a local candidate, was chosen tonight as the interim manager. The position should last for 4 to 6 months until a permanent manager is hired.

Congratulations Dave…!

Logical to Use Existing Site for Addition to Nassau County Library in Fernandina

Logical Addition to the library. Close atrium, use the Alachua side for addition and only lose a few staff spots.

If you look at the picture, you’ll see an aerial view of the Nassau County Public Library site in downtown Fernandina. In recent years, a great deal of discussion centered on moving the library […]

Feedback for US Post Office Downtown…. New Urbanism

Put it in writing? Fernandina Historic Customs House and US Post Office Closure….?

I just left the meeting at the First Baptist Church after 30 minutes of hearing the post office representatives tell everyone to put it in writing. There was standing room only and a lot of emotion.  Unfortunately, the non-local USPS representatives seemed unaware of the feeling, history or even willing to say much more than […]