Foresight, Not Hindsight…Wrecking Takes Less Skill

Nursing home on Atlantic….12 months to build, 2 weeks to demolish

What is a leader? Leadership is making hard decisions and having unpopular discussions, when needed. There are always people willing to demean a leader or stand on the sidelines, pontificating…”Ohhh…where are the leaders…our town is going straight down the toilet!”. Pointing fingers at […]

Giant Florida Tomato Plant Towers Over 2 Story Florida Building!

This plant, growing out of an old building on 4th Street in Fernandina, towers over the building in the background. I think I have a green thumb, but this plant is growing out of a crack between the sidewalk and building….in February! I’m wondering if it will last long enough to bear fruit.

Angles and […]

Photographic Advantage

What sets the home apart? Landscape, privacy, trees….showcase the best features.

Filter liberally applied….this picture generated more calls in the first month of a listing…simply for the color of water.

I’m not a photographer! That said, I take thousands of pictures each year. Last year alone, I counted iPhone shots alone and racked […]

Celebrities Enjoy Cool Locals of Amelia Island….

I am an admin for a large online local’s group on the island…well, at least in the virtual world of Amelia Island.  The subject of celebrity came up and pictures were posted of a local celebrity’s home nearing completion….with comments about another home being built nearby.  If you think about it, Amelia Island is […]

Shrimp Festival Parade 2013 …. Locals


Locals enjoy the parade….enjoyed taking pictures of friends watching and surprised by the huge turnout. 


What to do when tenants leave drugs?

After considering the potential legal issues and the actual appearance of the abandoned items, the smartest course of action was simply a call to NCSO. A bag with about 50 unidentified white pills, straw, black residue on knives, loose pills….

Always contact local law enforcement and make a point of disposing legally. Under […]

Big “T” at T-Rays….Best Hamburger in Florida

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just stop here.  Just a massive burger with grilled onions on a fresh bun…steak fries, melted cheese and a glass of sweet tea….and this wasn’t even the special yesterday. 

The special is just that….  I think the special this day was fried chicken with […]

Bright Morning on Amelia Island

If you want unique seating and an imaginative menu, try the courtyard for breakfast. The coffee was excellent under wisteria and grape arbor.

Urban Spoon Review

103 S Third Street, Fernandina Beach, FL

Brick Bulges Away from Building on North 4th Street….

This appears to be a masonry problem, but from appearances, may involve the roofline, interior if water is leaking and the window.  Patty Cakes Bakery lost space for a few tables to avoid the potential for falling brick…I assume.  See the crack along the window and the bulging area below and just above the awning?  […]

Composite Bat Moratorium…and the Big News…Will the Red Sox Legacy Continue?….

Babe Ruth Baseball is in full swing here on Amelia Island with the drama beginning early this year.  David Kear and Aaron Sweatt will be leading the team… with nearly 100% of the qualifying players returning, I hear batting practice is starting early with some very unusual training locations secured by Coach Kear.   The question […]