Enterprise Funds….and Appearance of Transparency

I’m in the middle of reading the filing related to the utility impact fee lawsuit here in Fernandina and in turn, began to read a little about enterprise funds.  It would appear, the on advantage of having a fund is to protect the taxpayer and protect the service from future a so called “predatory action” […]

Agreement by Consensus or Referendum…Splitting Hair or World of Difference?

I can’t tell you how many times the words consensus or referendum were used at recent public meetings or on the street when talking about various projects around Fernandina.  The word “Consensus” seems to be the catch phrase meant to make everything OK in the eyes of the voter.  “We have a consensus” is something […]

Logical to Use Existing Site for Addition to Nassau County Library in Fernandina

Logical Addition to the library. Close atrium, use the Alachua side for addition and only lose a few staff spots.

If you look at the picture, you’ll see an aerial view of the Nassau County Public Library site in downtown Fernandina. In recent years, a great deal of discussion centered on moving the library […]