Invisible Economic Impact

Rayonier’s Performance Fibers Mill Fernandina Beach has quite a history, but I’ll bet few residents take the time to visit or consider the economic impact 280 jobs and 745,000 metric tons of product has on our economy.

My father actually transferred from Port Angeles to Fernandina in 1939 when Rayonier opened for business.


Fernandina Fireworks Finale July 4, 2012

This was a perfect way to end the 4th.



Where do we stand on the Impact Fee Lawsuit? What about McGill?

One of my wife’s expressions I’ve come to think of when I think of government is “It all depends on whether you’re buying or selling.”. The impact fee lawsuit among other issues looms over the City of Fernandina and potentially could amount to costs in the neighborhood of $3,000,000 if you add attorney’s fees, original […]

Post Office Acquisition…Compelling Support from Community

I’m the admin for a local networking group of nearly 1300 people all Facebook users. The compelling use for a group like this isn’t to market my services, but instead to learn about public opinion. After posting a short survey a few hours ago, I was very surprised to find 100% support for acquisition of […]

Mixed-Use Creates More Tax Revenue

The article linked below brings up an interesting debate.   If you look at much of the development here in Nassau County, consider the cost to govern or manage the land used by a traditional shopping center vs. an existing mixed use area like Downtown Fernandina Beach.  Parts of Amelia Island have been moving toward a […]

Good results from Dr. Bob Rice @ Amelia Island Chiropractic

This morning wasn’t great.  After sleeping badly, I got up with a headache and pain in my lower neck.  Anyway, I thought a quick visit to the local chiropractor might be just the thing.  If you want to read my review…take a look at the link.

One pinched nerve in my neck, two ribs […]

Brown Widow at Local Gas Station???

I noticed this just over the pump at a local gas station earlier.  I wonder how many locals even notice these or notice how many are on everyday items?  The bite is supposed to be nearly as bad as the bite of the black widow.  

See the egg sacks with spikelike protrusions?  They really […]