So, You’re Always Online…When do you work?

This question comes up a few times each year…and I’m still at a loss for words. My business is about marketing. Marketing all stems from good communication. No, I’m not online all day, but I do make a point of being available all day. How? Well, I learned something interesting years ago. Presence has […]

Tagging and Posting Etiquette on Social Media

Today, I want to spend a little time talking about social media behavior. I spend a lot of time marketing to clients online and I have a lot more than the average number of social connections, so probably have a feel for the unspoken rules. In short, don’t annoy people. Think about your audience and […]

Don’t Auto-share from Social Network to Social Network

Social media is a part of our day, assuming you’re part of the 95% of the population actively engaged. Why shouldn’t you share a post from one account on one platform to another? I’m specifically talking about Facebook posts being share to Twitter and vice versa. I’ve been guilty of turning on the share button […]

The Magical Blue Twitter Checkmark

I’m half tongue in cheek as I write, but everyone out there has to wonder exactly how Twitter chooses to verify an account. My business account on Facebook is verified and it is a pretty straightforward process. Twitter is something different. It isn’t popularity, because I can see accounts with fewer followers and the mythical, […]

Consolidate Your Strengths and Domains

Over the past year, I’ve changed a few things online and in my personal life.  The most visible change is in a fairly serious change to the activity in my life.  Prioritizing family, work, politics, health and the spiritual or life approach, makes a difference in how effective you can hope to be in anything.   […]