Roof Leak, Delay and Unplanned Win for Owner

Roof leaks can be tricky, especially when the leak isn’t on the property you represent.  Last year a sale imploded, after a very minor leak created a stain in the ceiling.  The buyer wanted a repair of the leak, but unfortunately, the leak started on the neighbor’s roof…..flowing below skylight flashing and onto an exterior […]

Roof of the Year

Something is wrong with this picture…..!   When walking a potential listing last week,  the exposed adhesive strip on the entire back portion of the roof was visible.   Shingles shifting?  Improper nailing?  Installed incorrectly? 


(entertaining video from a NY roofer?)  Credit Youtube and GCTIPS


Roof Plumbing Stack Flashing….Plumber or Roofer?

On a recent home inspection,  minor leaks in a 3 year old home are shown below.  The seal around the plumbing stack

was pulled down in the picture on the left, instead of up as it should be in the shot to the right.  Water pooled when it rained and over a few years, […]