Tips for Using an Escalator/Escalation Clause in Purchase Contracts

What is an escalation clause?  Essentially, an escalator or escalation clause predetermines a change to a contract if certain conditions are met.   In other words, your offer starts at one number, but a clause in the contract says, you’ll also offer to increase your bid over a competing buyer’s offer by a certain amount and […]

So Many Water Views….All Excellent!

What happens when water views just aren’t bad….on any side of the property?  I recently listed a property with some truly fantastic views and just thought I’d share.  Curb appeal from the water side leaves nothing to be desired.  Located on a point of land, this site is just about 1 mile west of Oyster […]

14 Thoughts….Real Estate Broker’s Opinion

How much your home was worth 5 years ago or how much you borrowed from the local bank, often has very little to do with the market value. Unfortunately, some owners paid too much or borrowed more than the home was worth. I’ve seen it all. Market value is defined as how much you […]

When Negotiation Goes Too Far…..Perception, Trust and Reputation

There is a fine line in negotiation. How low can an offer be before it becomes insulting? When a buyer is actually unqualified to make a purchase, when, how and should an agent end the professional relationship. Tire kicker, lowball, bottom feeder, bored….I can remember so many thoughts going through my mind with unrealistic buyers. […]