So, You’re Always Online…When do you work?

This question comes up a few times each year…and I’m still at a loss for words. My business is about marketing. Marketing all stems from good communication. No, I’m not online all day, but I do make a point of being available all day. How? Well, I learned something interesting years ago. Presence has […]

Back to Work After the Storm

Well, I’m off to work this morning. Ironically, I’ll be looking at two lots with a portion of each in jurisdictional wetland. Will it be a lake view? I am not expecting good things….. #HurricaneIrma #AmeliaIsland   

This is a  very good day to see the drainage issues on a lot!


Waiting for High Tide on Amelia Island in Hurricane Irma

My eyes are on the tide.   This morning, several hours before high tide, the water is up at familiar Amelia Island Fernandina locations.   

Tides May Be Issue for Fernandina in Hurricane Irma?

The following pictures were taken about 2:30PM, 2 1/2 hours after high tide, in Fernandina. If you notice, along the waterfront and Egan’s Creek, the tides are beyond ordinary high tide levels…I’m guessing by about 1 to 2 feet. Our next high tide is at 12:33PM. Wind is piling sand up at Main Beach, but […]

Fernandina Beach Beginning to See Hurricane Irma Effects

Over the last few hours, rain and wind has been slowly picking up. So far, we’re only at average northeaster levels and a slightly higher than average tide.

Scams and Unlicensed Contracting after Hurricane Irma in Florida / Tips

While waiting for Irma to hit, I thought about a recent advertisement on a local network group.   The post offered several services and the individual did not appear to have any of the legally required licenses.   Hurricanes are unpleasant enough!   I have simple advice for anyone reading.   Never hire an unlicensed […]

95 Residents, Business Owners and Property Owners Randomly Polled on Parking Solutions

As of today, a poll on a local’s only Facebook group called Amelia Island Local Network, showed support for either leaving parking alone or some support for an adjustment of parking times and enforcement of the current rules.

It will be interesting to see how closely the answers from this group compares to  a larger […]

Signs Matter

Thoughts on signs after making a mistake in wordage. Savings, cost, color and placement. […]

So…You bought some Florida Wetlands? Now what?

Someone called me earlier this morning, by mistake. In the conversation, I realized they weren’t interested in buying a property, but thought I might have been the listing agent or owner and wanted a survey. Helpful, as always, I pulled some information and a link from the property appraiser’s site to send his way. Three […]

Just Do Something!

A bias toward action is usually a positive trait….or is it? This morning, I started to think about the way offers tend to play out in real estate. Sometimes the numbers make sense or are close enough to leave a chance of reaching agreement, but how should you treat an offer 20 or 30% below […]