Development Property on Amelia Island

This is one of the most beautiful remaining parcels on Amelia Island. With frontage on two streets, there is a potential for additional density. The elevations are quite high for Amelia Island and much of the canopy is in near virgin condition.

Please keep in mind, the offering is for existing home and land…not […]

Affordable Waterfront!

Located minutes from Amelia Island, the views from this property are spectacular. You’ll see pictures of the waterfront and interior at various tides. The second picture shows a lower tide and the first a higher or near high tide. If you look, the dock shown is on the neighboring property and shows just how near […]

Fernandina Boat House…Mixed Use, Commercial Corner…Back on the Market

Second chances are sometimes uncommon.  This property, under contract for most of the last year, is suddenly very available.  Consider the views, location, proximity to a highly successful hotel and a number of very high quality restaurants. 

Added Loopnet Listing Information….click here…30 South 2nd Street Boat House

This side of Centre Street is a little […]

The Dining Diversity Effect and 20 Reasons to Choose Fernandina

Real estate is often about location, but why does anyone choose to live in a community? I play tour guide to new residents and am still shocked by how much the community offers. If you think about the reasons someone might choose an area, diversity is a very big consideration. By diversity, I’m not talking […]

Key Downtown Economic Driver…Fernandina Harbor Marina

Fuel for the local economy isn’t always actual “FUEL”, but a marina without nearby fuel is much more difficult to manage at a profit. After Hurricane Matthew, the marina in Downtown Fernandina Harbor Marina has been working at a fraction of it’s capacity. The fuel normally sold was interrupted by the damage and repairing the […]

Mermaids and Pirates….We sometimes forget how lucky we are to live here….

Today, I’m reading through a few blog posts, like the one below and am reminded of how fortunate we are to live here. I’m a native and there are times when I think of the old days with beach driving and shrimp boat races. That said, we still live in a paradise. Slow to be […]

Selling a Crooked House on a Crooked Street

The title sounds nice, but the real point is in selling something different. Sales always comes down to price, scarcity of the product and demand for the product. Selling cookie cutter homes is difficult. A crooked or unique location, is far easier to sell, if that quality is still desirable.

I found this structure a […]

SPAM Real Estate Mailings….Don’t do it!

Ticks and Spam…not good!

I’ve been writing about real estate, social media and my hometown, for more than 10 years. In that time, I’ve learned a little about networking and made my share of mistakes. Occasionally, I see someone absolutely determined to repeat mistakes. No names are being used, but I hope to point […]

Contrast in Coastal Communities and Beaches Really Matter!   

Maine Beach

My wife grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and we try to stay in touch with old friends. We came back from a visit a few days ago and the contrast was educational. I feel lucky to see a different landscape and

Amelia Island 13 Miles of Beach

historic town older […]

Seller’s Market, More or Less

If you look at Nassau County sales, the number of sales and days to sell says a lot. Moving higher in price range, the days on market go up and the volume of sales moves down.

If you compare levels of available inventory, at different price points, the Seller’s Market has a definite sweet spot.