Motivation and Offers

On Sunday, it might not be the best time to think about motivations some owners might have or some of the considerations going into a sale. I’ve had some odd experiences and over the years and I’ve become aware of the need to get as much of the story as possible, before making an offer. […]

7 Client Behaviors We All Hate!

I’ve been in the industry for a very long time, but only a broker for the last 30 +/- years. We all develop thick skins, but there are a handful of behaviors, whether intentional or oblivious, I still find annoying. You may have experience with similar behavior and, I hope, clients will consider the value […]

Home Trends in 2017

Interest rates are rising. In 2017, payments and rates will, almost certainly, go up. The good news…credit is loosening and the current administration is pushing to remove regulation like Dodd Frank. I would hope the market we’ve been seeing for the last few years will continue. Inventory of existing homes low and sales are […]

WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter…..

…..Snapchat, Plaxo, Google Plus, Youtube, Pinterest, Flickr and let’s not forget Myspace…is it still around? I’m at home on a Friday night, just recovering from a common cold and reading the headlines. Years ago, I started to think about the way communication was changing and the value of connections. I was probably an early adopter […]

Downtown Fernandina Values and Sales History

I’ve been working as a broker on Amelia Island for a long time. Some of the most difficult conversations for me, have to do with perceived value of a site or property. Investment property is often valued, based on a capitalization rate, with a target rate of return for certain classes of property. The problem […]

Foresight, Not Hindsight…Wrecking Takes Less Skill

Nursing home on Atlantic….12 months to build, 2 weeks to demolish

What is a leader? Leadership is making hard decisions and having unpopular discussions, when needed. There are always people willing to demean a leader or stand on the sidelines, pontificating…”Ohhh…where are the leaders…our town is going straight down the toilet!”. Pointing fingers at […]

Welcome Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance

The Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance is one of the best, if not the best, car show in the known world. I’ve been told it surpasses Pebble Beach and the last time I enjoyed the show, I talked with several people, insisting this was the finest show of it’s kind. Amelia Island benefits each year and, […]

Fair Housing Posters, HUD and Model Homes

Fair housing posters came up in conversation this week and I thought about the, sometimes missing, posters you might assume should be in all builder model homes. Since these homes are used as an office and part of a development, should a fair housing poster be displayed? The latest version is linked “HERE“, […]

REALTOR® Trademark/Logo FAQs

I wanted to post a brief link to a page noting proper use of the term REALTOR®. It seems to be a common question and many clients seem to interchange the term with Lic Real Estate Broker or Salesperson. The term means something different and is far from interchangeable. Beyond the benefits of education or […]

Leave No Trace on Amelia Island

Leave no trace is something to consider, when vacationing here on Amelia Island. Whether you’re considering the wildlife or considering someone else using the beach, littering or leaving personal items out for days at a time takes away from the island and experience of a pristine beach. These shots were taken several years ago, […]