How much vacancy is reasonable?   Warehouse space and community growth…..

A lender representative called yesterday. I’m assuming this was likely a review of a property with a delinquent loan. The difference is the size of the property and questions. I won’t identify the property, but it consisted partly of warehouse space and seemed to have an unusually low cap rate and unusually high vacancy. After […]

12 Reasons Why Small Brokerages are Underrated

I joined a family business after college in 1987. I’d been licensed for a few years before and, although I really didn’t plan to become a broker, it seemed inevitable. The job market was not good and a job while I waited, turned into income I couldn’t turn away. I built a first home about […]

When Options Fail…Lease Purchase, Lease Option?

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  J. Wellington Wimpy – Popeye Cartoon

Lease options, lease purchases and delayed closings sometimes go badly.   As a broker, I always look for potential ways to make a sale, but am cautious as the closing times grow.  A lease option can be […]

Reminder….Flood Zones Effective Change August 2017

Areas in low elevation or near a flood zone, should pay particular attention to changes.

FEMA will adopt new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Nassau County in August.   It is important to know whether your property’s flood zone will change and, if building, whether construction cost might change.  In the past year, I […]

Social Advertising Sells

Accessibility? I learn a little each year and I’m occasionally left speechless. Some time ago, a client, very vocally, complained about publication of pictures to promote a home. Ordinarily, I don’t read a lot into an unreasonable complaint, but I remember the unusual. Apparently, I published pictures of a home online. First, listing agreements note […]

First Time Buyers, Thoughts and Listening

First time buyers have so much to consider and, often, no real estate or sometimes thinking beyond an average lease term. They come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Jobs, goals, age…everyone has a different need, but what should all buyers and first time buyers consider, before buying?

What do you need? Are you […]

Agent Performance and List/Sell Ratios…Small Coffee Shops and Big Burgers

List to Sale Percentage 7 Year History Amelia Island NCMLS 4/19/2017 List to Sale AVG Percentages

I care about clients. Their homes, future, savings….every penny they spend…I care. It becomes personal when you care. Years ago, I started in the industry with our family business. Our motto at one time was “Think Pink”…changing to […]

Downtown Fernandina Beach Density Change…not quite what you think.

I’m going to weigh in on something the City of Fernandina Beach is considering. Opposing points of view seem to be charged, to say the least, but I think I might be able to add perspective. First, as a disclaimer, I work in Downtown Historic Fernandina Beach and own one of the buildings. I’m also […]

Social Media and Real Estate…Trees, Forest and Content

I’ve been using Facebook since 2007 and other social media for several years prior. During the last 10 years, use of this tool has become a more and more frequent part of my day. Brokers are required to be expert at communication and networking, but I continue to be amazed by “one dimensional” advertising programs, […]

Vladimir Putin won’t meet Rex Tillerson on visit to Russia – Negotiation 101

Over the morning coffee today, I watched commentary on the first formal visit to Russia by the current US administration. Blogs and media seem to take the refusal to meet an appointed Secretary of State as some sort of snub, but I see it differently. Consider the position of both parties. One party is backing […]