Election Endorsement for Avila

After only a little thought, I’m endorsing Orlando Avila for City Commission on December 12th. I did take time to think about the remaining choices. It comes down to a candidate seeking ways to make Fernandina better. Every candidate should want more than stopping all change or delaying every project. Good candidates should all […]

Not in my backyard!

It seems to be increasingly rare to move to a town and understand everything changes. The average newcomer wants to freeze Fernandina…just as it was when they chose to live on the island. I’ve lived here for most of my life and the only constant thing is change. Back in the 60’s, we were […]

Airport Terminal Construction Takes Off…….✈

Typical Airport in Lake City…Amazing Building

I’ve heard some interesting comments on the airplane shaped terminal building being built at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport. I don’t agree with

Original Concept Drawing for Fernandina’s New Building

the design choice and feel the price is likely higher to build a custom airplane shape. While […]

Tax Deeds and Auction Process is Fair

Post Office Renovations….will this eventually be an auction property?

So, you’re interested in buying a property at auction? The process is often misunderstood, but the bidding is actually the simple part. Consider the title and other debt potentially remaining after the sale. One part of the process, often misunderstood, is the purchase. Tax sales […]

8th Street 100×100…C-3 Zoned….Not so Hidden Gem

A few opportunites get even better. This property is near major changes along 8th Street. The old Fred’s location is within a block, the site itself is between two of the best restaurants on the island and between the two best places for burgers and fries.

What does this location have going for it?


Trees and Responsibility…Thoughts

This question comes up every few years. With smaller lots and neighboring roofs nearing property lines, trees on one property can become an annoyance to the neighbor. Whether we’re talking about blocked sunlight, a roof or a pool filling with dead leaves, this is a very common complaint. Generally, not including subdivision or local tree […]

Unlocking Development of Underutilized Commercial Parcels – Key to Unlock CRA

How do we encourage the use of prime property? We all benefit from the tax revenue, jobs and economic impact, but finding a way to trigger the use is the real key. Sometimes a small change moves an entire area forward. The corner of 2nd and Alachua looks nearly the same as it did 10 […]

Friday Thoughts

One of my former clients, a friend, is in the hospital and has been for the last few days. We talked about it several times, but he never took the time to have his attorney prepare any of the documents you think of, when considering an estate plan. Estate plans aren’t just about leaving a […]

2016 Presidential Election Cost and Angry Taxpayer

You love Trump or you hate Trump. I don’t seem to see many moderate views of the presidency this year, but there is an excessive coverage of the “so called” Russian interference in the election. The amount in question appears to be about $100,000, with 56% of the money spent after voting day. This means […]

Signs of an Illegal Rental

If you rent, short or long-term, did you ever wonder if you were illegally renting? Reading through an article on illegally permitted rental property, I began to think about just how many properties might be illegal on Amelia Island. A few I’ve experienced or heard of in the past are included below, along with some […]