Traffic and Location

Quite a few changes may have an impact on my local market and, I would guess, the rest of the country. Day after day of increases in the stock market seem to be a reset, not just optimism after tax cuts. I would wonder if even the most bearish investors will continue to take money […]

Dedication, Martial Arts, Life Balance and Fitness

Sometimes a hobby or change in your personal life translates into a big change in your professional life. My first and only broker said something I never remembered until a local newspaper published it. She always said to “Never give up!”. Never giving up is part of being a great salesperson or succeeding at anything. […]

Reviews, Promotion, Pictures….and the “Never Happy” 5%

I’m beginning to think 5% of the population is never going to be reasonable. No chance at reasonable….period! Looking back at my business Facebook page, I changed my opinion of reviews over time, eventually deciding to simply deal with the occasional negative. Poor reviews, no matter how far you go above and beyond, are simply […]

Wishes for Good Fortune, Influence, Daily Kindness and Hope in 2018

I came across this rock outside a Jacksonville hospital a few months ago. At the time, I thought the location outside the cancer wing was probably appropriate, but the image stuck with me. In 2018, and in every year, I hope for something better. Whether we’re talking about political leaders, financial goals, Fernandina or our […]

Highest and Best Use…..Selfish or Logic

In the last few weeks, local politics has been filled with misinformation related to the use of land and zoning. Knowing a little can be dangerous, but implying highest and best use is somehow a selfish thing…I’m not sure how to respond.

All zoning lists the potential uses for property, if you meet other criteria. […]

Weekend Thoughts….Coffee Conversations

Bill Flynn speaking at the opening of the new library he had so much to do with improving. Great man!

I’ll probably be at a coffee and conversation event at Buygo for Orlando Avila today, but I’m thinking over some of the issues in this year’s city commission election and the runoff on December […]

Measure Results and Unique Mission …Economic Development in Nassau County

Thinking about our local economy and how we promote economic growth/health/vitality in Nassau County, Amelia Island and in Fernandina Beach, it is helpful to look at the stated goals of various agencies, whether funded, elected or created by a state or federal government. It is hardly surprising we see success in Nassau County and on […]

Bakery, Artist Studio, Yoga, Spin Class, Brewery, Hot Dog Drive Through or Investment?

Thinking a little about the possibilities and drastic price reduction, this strip of 8th Street is, in my view, a glowing opportunity. 122 South 8th was reduced drastically to the current price, but has several things going for it beyond location and price.

Lot size, as much as location is important. The 122 South […]

Clean Slates Every Day

Just take a clean slate to work each day. Professionalism in real estate is starting each day fresh, forgetting any negativity of the day before. Count the wins, not losses. […]

Saving Tips for Early Saving or a Future Homeowner

Reading through the stories of the day on my newsfeed, one “expert” shared some tips to save for a first home. Sadly, most of the tips were either ineffective or just completely wrong. If you really want to save for a home quickly and build equity, these are a few of my personal favorites. The […]