Communication, Media, Opinion and Fact

Over coffee this morning, I started to think about how communication changed in my lifetime. Technology increased the connections for me personally, but media changed over time. If you think about news, professional connections and friendships, we had fewer connections years ago. In some ways, I can touch almost everyone using technology. Some ads I […]

Under-rated North Beach on Amelia Island is Surprisingly Private

Driving along the beach earlier, the privacy of the oceanfront area north of Main Beach showed. I think you’ll agree, but this is a seriously under-rated area. Prices are lower and the feel is closer to the Fernandina I remember years ago. At the end of the video, you’ll see the fence at the boundary […]

Off-Site Parking Agreements and Impact to Development

I’m aware of at least one re-development paused after the recent discussions surrounding Slider’s parking, leased or rented in order to permit an expansion in the past. In the past, the City of Fernandina has allowed development requiring parking to proceed, if an agreement to use nearby parking can be reached with other owners. These […]

Giant Florida Tomato Plant Towers Over 2 Story Florida Building!

This plant, growing out of an old building on 4th Street in Fernandina, towers over the building in the background. I think I have a green thumb, but this plant is growing out of a crack between the sidewalk and building….in February! I’m wondering if it will last long enough to bear fruit.

Angles and […]

Spring is in the Air…Best Time to Sell

Spring is the best time to sell and the best time for my business, but what happened this week. When the media starts talking about change, whether world events, Dodd Frank, interest rates or a world leader’s meltdown 3000 miles away, I can see a visible change to my business. Days like this become slower […]

Common Home Repairs….First Five Years…Real Problems

All homes take maintenance. Some maintenance can be a minor repair by the owner and sometimes it can indicate a more serious problem. Blog posts shouldn’t be an effort, but something I read earlier made me wonder. Without the flowery paragraphs following a list of simple repairs, I think we can all use “google” to […]

Pocket Listings….What do I think?

There are times when pocket listings or “unpublished” available property has a certain logic. It is never my preference, but recognizing and accommodating owner’s circumstances is important. Consider someone thinking of moving out of the area, but still working. Sometimes it takes time to sell something truly unique, but selling after taking a new position […]

Standard Marine Potential and Everything Changes

Everything changes and in a few years, this property on North 2nd May be part of great changes to a long-underused area in the Historic District.  

Dodd Frank Dismantled?

This morning began with a story on the possible dismantling of Dodd Frank. I can’t say I understand all the implications, but real estate has become more complex in the last 10 years, with little benefit from my perspective as a broker. Some of the regulations seem to have been more geared toward slowing a […]

Weak Negotiation, Backups and Possible Future

Politics and business look a lot like passages from Sun Tzu, if you stop to think. Without being partisan or going too far into a political judgement, there are some common rules to negotiating. When your position is weak, recognizing this is important. As an agent, a weak position could be working with a highly […]