Smart Contract Revolution?

Contracts have changed in the last 30 years!

Years ago, I remember looking for companies offering electronic signatures in contracts. At one point, I thought a company called Thawte, would offer a solution for real estate contracts. Then, I used Adobe, but most clients and agents either didn’t own Adobe or were working with […]

Cuban Coffee and Routines

I’m convinced! Great restaurants and coffee shops create value and make my job easier. I’d guess I bring at least one client to Hola Cuban Café every month. Having a handful of small coffee shops or restaurants to take clients, knowing the owners and knowing the menu, can make a huge difference when showing off […]

Family Business and Times Change

Vera Boner and Associates, Inc. 1978

The sketch to the left was the family business in 1978. In the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, there were typically 6 to 10 agents working for Vera Boner & Associates, Inc.. The building eventually grew to about twice the size you see in the picture below. I […]

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 for Real Estate….Choices…

If you’re anything like me, I overanalyze technology purchases. Over the last two years, I’ve been using an iPhone 6+, and am quite happy. I publish blog posts, take pictures and videos of homes, show homes by Skype or Facetime and it is, by far, the most useful piece of technology in my life. Why […]

Affordable Housing Inventory? What it means?

This morning, I read through an article in the Wall Street Journal on the LIRA (Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity) and the record level of spending on remodeling. The byproduct of a housing shortage is spending on remodeling and a boom in new construction. Considering the history of our under-$500,000 residential inventory on Amelia Island, […]

Silt, Silt and more $ilt


In 2011, before beginning a run for the Fernandina Beach City Commission, a local attorney gave me most of the information linked below.  Everything below is public record, but reading may help in understanding the marina’s history.

96110 ATM Feasibility Study Marina and Misc

A key to understanding silt is in seeing the […]

Election Issues Important to the City of Fernandina Beach

Poll Results and Suggestions

I talked with a friend/client a few minutes ago. During the conversation, he wanted to know why I felt a blog would have any local impact and it led to thoughts of our last “off-year” election. Fernandina voted to change back to four year terms for commissioners, but the cycle […]

Five Lots, density, redevelopment and a new sign! Opportunity?

I’m trying a new source for color signs and, if it looks like this proof, I’ll be very happy. The Boat House corner is back on the market and offers an unusual potential for re-development. Consider the recent density changes in the historic district and potential for redevelopment of a building without historic significance. […]

New Favorite iPhone App

I’m on my fourth or fifth iPhone. It can be easy to forget, but I started with iPods, then iPhones and tablets. Now, I can’t imagine work or play without one. This post is being written, in draft at least, over coffee on an iPhone.

I use a variety of apps to augment work or […]

Clients and Procuring Cause

No one owns a buyer. Buyers, unless obligated by a Buyer’s Broker Agreement, often move from agent to agent. After showing a property, there is a documentation created, but showing a property or sending information to a client doesn’t necessarily create an entitlement to the fee at closing.

What happens when one buyer is contacted […]