Measure a Town by the Streets

Tire-sized cavity under the surface…

I want to compliment the Maintenance Department for the City of Fernandina Beach. I spend a lot of time driving around town and usually call if I see something like the pothole below. At an intersection, on a Friday at 3:30PM, this looked like something in need of repair […]

Lime and 14th Liberty Development Project…What We Should Know!

Source: PAB City of FB

Development can be a difficult business, but the general public is often unaware of steps required in using land and efforts by developers to use land, while protecting environmentally sensitive areas. Fernandina Beach is blessed with a surplus of protected land, including parks, beachfront, marshes, waterways, recreational zoned areas […]

Glenwood Deep Water Point…Price Reduction

Looking for deep water? Does 1800 feet of frontage sound interesting? Minutes to Amelia Island and a short boat trip to Downtown Fernandina, this is a singularity unique homesite. Existing caretaker cottage and accessible, read more……click the link here. 22+ acres and substantial price reduction!

Glenwood Point


20 Suggestions for Clients

Over the years, I’ve watched clients choose to do the wrong thing or make the process more difficult. Whether using a local provider, keeping the relationship with an agent on a professional level or being willing to pay for essential items, real estate sales should be a good experience. I have a timeline and generally […]

Topo Lines and Site Expense

The cost of a sloped or low lot in flood zone. Foundation and site costs often overlooked. […]

Signing Agreements Walk-Through

This is just a brief description of the steps needed to open and sign a document with eSignOnline™. There are other programs, but this is the system I’m currently using and, in my opinion, one of the easiest to share. Some of the features include the ability to delegate the signature to another party, copy […]

Coming Summer Market the Fall Bump and Fresh Starts

Memorial Day, or any holiday, seems to be a slow day. Tourism is not usually the client driver you might expect and I’ve learned the holidays are more productively spent with family. So, I’m thinking about the coming few months, while working on several social media promotions.

Improvements I hope to make are in advertising […]

Cameras Essential to Every Day, iSight Replacement Program a Lifesaver!

The picture below was taken a few weeks ago and was my background for a tablet screen soon after. iPhones and cameras are such an important part of a real estate broker’s day, I could never have anticipated the change 30 years ago. My first Sony digital camera was a square setup with disc drive. […]

Appropriation of Ideas and Influence

I’m constantly pitching ideas to clients. Daily, I’m sometimes asking if splitting a property or remodelling in a certain way would work. Will a location work for your business, will a wall moved make the room brighter, will a lot work with a plan facing a certain direction?

We all talk about appropriation or it […]

Bare Minimum Thoughts

Occasionally an offer just won’t work. Whether unrealistic or just “Dreaming of Dry Water”, there are sellers with impossible dreams and buyers with no money or credit. If only to save my time, I make an effort to educate clients early in the process. Consider a sale with a hypothetical list price of 100,000. […]