Tips for Using an Escalator/Escalation Clause in Purchase Contracts

What is an escalation clause?  Essentially, an escalator or escalation clause predetermines a change to a contract if certain conditions are met.   In other words, your offer starts at one number, but a clause in the contract says, you’ll also offer to increase your bid over a competing buyer’s offer by a certain amount and […]

Don’t drink the Cool or Kool Aide….Fruit Punch?

Over coffee, my wife and I usually talk about the day or the past day. Perspective is something I occasionally forget. Being a salesperson requires motivation and the ability to remain optimistic, even when faced with far more negatives than positives. The danger is in losing perspective. Take the clients point of view too much […]

Dreaming of Dry Water?

I’m considering a change of the blog title to include “dry water”.  I remember an old expression I heard growing up…..”dreaming of dry water”….implying looking for something that doesn’t exist.   I can’t tell you how many times I heard this over the years in a real estate family.   The buyer with no credit or down-payment […]

Time, Opportunity, Perception & Professionalism

You hear this over and over, but real estate transactions are often the single most important financial decision in a client’s lifetime.  Selling for too little or buying for too much is only a small part of the decision.  Buying something you can’t afford or failing to consider life changes in the coming 3 to […]

Brochure Copy ….Had to make this into a Post


Working on a brochure and adding a few client recommendations, it really seemed worth sharing the post below.  I know all three clients below and it really does mean a lot when old clients care enough to put it in writing! 


Representation is the biggest reason to choose The Realty Source, Inc. […]

Consumers in Cautionary Holding Pattern as Fiscal Policy Debate Unfolds

I tend to see this as good.  With dropping interest rates, we may see some near holiday buying and refinance activity when, hopefully, our elected leaders reach an agreement.  

Our September National Housing Survey results show that the improvements in consumer housing attitudes witnessed in recent months softened ahead of the government shutdown,” said […]

Finding a Local Real Estate Expert


Find a professional agent when you buy or sell.  Look for experience, education and an agent who works in the industry “full time”.  Is your agent qualified or is he/she someone you would trust to give truly excellent advice?  Does your agent believe in the market enough to invest and are they successful?   


Common Closing Issues….


After talking with a friend earlier, something occurred to me.  I usually know whether a buyer can buy and everyone usually wants to move toward a closing.  My biggest concerns really revolve around home inspections and appraisals.  Appraisals, considering the management companies, absorption rates and atypical sales still showing up, are a pretty big […]