Not in my backyard!

It seems to be increasingly rare to move to a town and understand everything changes. The average newcomer wants to freeze Fernandina…just as it was when they chose to live on the island. I’ve lived here for most of my life and the only constant thing is change. Back in the 60’s, we were […]

2016 Presidential Election Cost and Angry Taxpayer

You love Trump or you hate Trump. I don’t seem to see many moderate views of the presidency this year, but there is an excessive coverage of the “so called” Russian interference in the election. The amount in question appears to be about $100,000, with 56% of the money spent after voting day. This means […]

Thoughts Leaving City Commission

Over the last two years, I served as Mayor of the City of Fernandina Beach.  The opportunity to give back was an incredible experience and I have no regrets.  I am proud to have been a part of a number of projects in the last three years.  Some, I initiated, some I helped complete or […]