Quality of Life….Mountain Biking the Egans Creek Greenway

Earlier today, I spent some time with a drone photographer, creating a video tour of an exceptional listing. The dolphin show up at the end of the dock every few visits and I’ve encountered a resident hawk on the last two visits. After a long day, starting with email at 7AM, my wife, […]

Conventional Wisdom, Which sells first….bedrooms up and 2 story or one story?

I’m eating my words this morning. Over the years, the lower number of showings for homes with bedrooms and particularly the master bedroom on the second floor, left me with an impression 2 story homes usually take longer to sell. The fairly obvious conclusion, apparently is not quite so obvious, when you look at the […]

Local Pirates Watch Homecoming Parade……




Eagle Lands on Amelia

Interesting views in my front yard….apparently this Broad Winged Hawk couldn’t quite lift the squirrel, so stayed on the ground.




Nassau Tomorrow Launch and Fireworks for July 4th!


I was fortunate enough to attend the Nassau County Economic Development Board breakfast to learn about the  launch of Nassau Tomorrow. The following video covers some of the details, but to summarize, this is a long range plan to bring jobs to Nassau County. I would guess 150 or more people attended, with notables […]

Palace Saloon and Corona Light Help Save July 4th in Fernandina

Whether you agree with public funding of fireworks in Fernandina or not, you can only admire Wes Sheffield and the Palace Saloon for taking an active role in saving the 4th of July display. 

It makes little sense to, essentially, turn off the lights when the economy is down.  Fireworks across the country […]

Sky Coast Adventures….Flies over Amelia Island

Well, I am truly pleased to see the helicopter tour operator remain on Amelia Island.  The day after being turned down for a location downtown, I drove by to view the site originally proposed on the old Cook Property, just to the south of the marina.   Would the business benefit downtown?  We’ll never know.   I […]

Hurricane or Tropical Storm Beryl? Monday 7AM….after the storm

Tropical Storm Beryl came ashore with near hurricane force winds.  Early this morning, my son and I took a drive around town to look for downed trees and damage.  Fletcher really had the most dramatic damage, with large sections of missing shingles, downed wires and even  a missing roof on one home.  See the picture […]

Amelia Island Youth Soccer……Impact Under-rated!

I took a few minutes this morning to walk the fields on Bailey Road with Brian Reaves.   Brian sits on the Ocean Highway and Port Authority and also is on the AIYS board, I believe in a public relations capacity.  I’ve known Brian for a few years now and he seems to take every position […]

Alternative Financing and Investment Loans…Why not the Ocean Highway and Port Authority?

Ok, I know this is a very brief post, but in my defense, I’m typing slowly after a recent surgery.  I the admin for a local network group on Facebook called the Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Local Network.  One of the members, Andrew Henderson,  mentioned starting a bank locally with the CoFB…and I began to […]