Finding a Local Real Estate Expert


Find a professional agent when you buy or sell.  Look for experience, education and an agent who works in the industry “full time”.  Is your agent qualified or is he/she someone you would trust to give truly excellent advice?  Does your agent believe in the market enough to invest and are they successful?   


Walking a roof with the home inspector…

Never underestimate the value of first hand knowledge… A few days ago, I spent time walking and taking pictures of pop up nails and/or damage to shingles caused by a low hanging branch. When possible, I prefer attending home inspections with each client.


The Importance of Accurately Identifying Zoning….





There is a certain responsibility to accurately describe properties.  With GIS mapping, we all have available tools to identify the current zoning and even provide a color coded overlay like the map to the left…or above, depending on your monitor. 

Zoning means everything.  Beyond location, zoning describes what […]