Roof Plumbing Stack Flashing….Plumber or Roofer?

On a recent home inspection,  minor leaks in a 3 year old home are shown below.  The seal around the plumbing stack

was pulled down in the picture on the left, instead of up as it should be in the shot to the right.  Water pooled when it rained and over a few years, […]

Walking a roof with the home inspector…

Never underestimate the value of first hand knowledge… A few days ago, I spent time walking and taking pictures of pop up nails and/or damage to shingles caused by a low hanging branch. When possible, I prefer attending home inspections with each client.


Common Closing Issues….


After talking with a friend earlier, something occurred to me.  I usually know whether a buyer can buy and everyone usually wants to move toward a closing.  My biggest concerns really revolve around home inspections and appraisals.  Appraisals, considering the management companies, absorption rates and atypical sales still showing up, are a pretty big […]