The Longest Meeting… We Have Bigger Problems

Tonight’s commission meeting was beyond capacity.  I’m truly tired after a 5 1/2 hour meeting, but to make a long story short, the city has a lot less money and a greater potential obligation than it thought. We may owe the Army Corp of Engineers $429,000 and no sitting commissioner, current manager or attorney […]

City of Fernandina Beach/Ocean Highway and Port Authority Workshop

One of the logical changes I’d like to see is a new level of cooperation between these groups.   There may be possibilities we have not considered.  Note the Coast Guard, beach renourishment and rail crossing items on the agenda below. 

The joint CoFB and Port Authority workshop tonight at 6PM to 7PM.  […]

Enterprise Funds….and Appearance of Transparency

I’m in the middle of reading the filing related to the utility impact fee lawsuit here in Fernandina and in turn, began to read a little about enterprise funds.  It would appear, the on advantage of having a fund is to protect the taxpayer and protect the service from future a so called “predatory action” […]

Where do we stand on the Impact Fee Lawsuit? What about McGill?

One of my wife’s expressions I’ve come to think of when I think of government is “It all depends on whether you’re buying or selling.”. The impact fee lawsuit among other issues looms over the City of Fernandina and potentially could amount to costs in the neighborhood of $3,000,000 if you add attorney’s fees, original […]

City of Fernandina Beach Commission Meeting 1/17/12…Buying or Selling

Last night’s commission meeting was “contentious” to say the least.  The evening began with discussions of the land purchased for dredging, the waterfront loan and “request for proposals” for the oversight and communication position…changed to remove the architectural and engineering description.  It appears there is $250,000 budgeted for this position running from 2 to 3 […]

Fernandina Commissioners Consider Release of City Manager on Friday the 13th at 5:00PM

See the story below on the Chamber Website or if you want to read the text of the proposed severance agreement/resignation(?) of Michael J. Czymbor – City Manager, the direct link is here.  The meeting is an open meeting in the commission chambers.  The meeting was scheduled as a special meeting…unusual in that very […]

Put it in writing? Fernandina Historic Customs House and US Post Office Closure….?

I just left the meeting at the First Baptist Church after 30 minutes of hearing the post office representatives tell everyone to put it in writing. There was standing room only and a lot of emotion.  Unfortunately, the non-local USPS representatives seemed unaware of the feeling, history or even willing to say much more than […]

Notice Anything Interesting in the Parking Approach?

The unusual thing about Portland, if you compare their approach to parking to the proposed kiosks and parking areas in Fernandina, is the partnership with local business. The parking was not a way to generate revenue, it is a way to assist local business in driving traffic.

Watch the entire video to see the […]

An Intelligent Change to Preserve Post Office…Combine Local, Federal and State Use…Why not?

I still am not convinced the post office in downtown Fernandina Beach will be better if it falls into private hands.  The adaptive use of the building is important.  Just consider Winnsboro’s former post office, renovated into a museum, named the Old Post Office Museum. While I don’t think the best use of the building […]