Effective Advertising is “NEVER” the Same

Coming up with a creative way to reach the local market means a lot.  The problem is in finding that creative way, there is a definite shelf life.  I find blogs, social media and personal connection is the most difficult effort for competitors to duplicate.   

Waterfront properties are less common as the view improves.  […]

Day in the life…..and Advice….Walk the Dog During Showings…..

Well, today included a new first.  When I arrived a few minutes early for a listing appointment, I heard barking behind the door and a child opened the door to invite me inside.  Two cute dogs were, I thought, competing for my attention, but one only wanted to nip.  I ended up with a pinch […]

Conventional Wisdom, Which sells first….bedrooms up and 2 story or one story?

I’m eating my words this morning. Over the years, the lower number of showings for homes with bedrooms and particularly the master bedroom on the second floor, left me with an impression 2 story homes usually take longer to sell. The fairly obvious conclusion, apparently is not quite so obvious, when you look at the […]