Flood Zones, Certificates, Insurance….OHHH….My!

I’m selling a property with a lower level, built in the last 10 years and with uncommonly high quality. There are areas considered finished and unfinished in two flood zones. The property is waterfront and has a temperature controlled area, not considered living space. As a broker, I should understand the issues and […]

Something about a Point….

You don’t often find truly spectacular sites to market. I see great homes and great properties weekly, but once in a while you’re lucky enough to represent something truly rare and unique. At the end of Glenwood Road, the point of property

Glenwood Point

offers a spectacular view. With around 1800 feet on the […]

Small Brokerage, Experience and Advantages

Someone mailed me an invitation to join a franchise brokerage for the “umpteenth” time this year.  Independent agents are a minority in my area and I’m often compared to a franchise, when owners or buyers, compare services.  The most common misperception is that bigger means better.  As a member of the local MLS, other premium […]

Capitalization Rate Explained Again

A few times each year, a buyer gives me their version of “Cap Rate”. Most of the time, the version includes the cost to finance in the calculation…..a cost unique to each buyer and “NOT” a way to determine a relative investment value. Commercial buildings are most commonly given a relative value using a cap […]

ISO Waterfront Home or Lot


ISO (in search of) deep water home or lot for a client on Amelia Island.  There is always a little difficulty when looking for a specific client with particular taste.   We have been through every active listing and are now looking at several off market properties.   If you know of someone considering a sale […]

Landscaping Ideas and Trend Toward Drought Tolerance


Interested in plantings suited to the climate and landscaping to minimize water usage? Hang around a nursery specializing in native or drought tolerant plants and specialty hard improvements. Improving curb appeal and reducing water consumption is just smart, here in Florida.

Florida-friendly Plant Database Drought–Tolerant Plants for North and Central Florida—University of […]

Residential and Commercial….Relation? Broker’s Perspective in Nassau County

I know, as a broker, I tend to see things in terms of supply.   When supply is high, the chance of obtaining a higher price is far lower than when supply is low.  At what point does the market become a seller’s market.  Well….I’m tempted to say we are in a seller’s market today.  With […]


Remember….all beach supplies are to be removed at the end of each day.  Unattended chairs, umbrellas or cabanas are not to be left on the beach at night and should be packed up at the end of your day.  Turtle nesting is serious business.  Interfering with the only opportunity a female turtle has to reach […]

Walk in the Greenway on Amelia Island

Just a few things my son and I found today.  Most interesting today…the mother alligator and her young.  These young gators were a little bigger than I’m used to seeing with a mother and, I think I counted 24 scattered along the bank and even on top of mom.