Day in the life…..and Advice….Walk the Dog During Showings…..

Well, today included a new first.  When I arrived a few minutes early for a listing appointment, I heard barking behind the door and a child opened the door to invite me inside.  Two cute dogs were, I thought, competing for my attention, but one only wanted to nip.  I ended up with a pinch […]

Homes, Families and Foreclosure

We all have different life experiences, but sometimes seeing a home makes me think.  Recently, I showed a series of bank-owned properties.  The last two included abandoned play sets and in one home, a number of children’s toys were left behind.  While I can see both sides, considering the effect on a homeowner, brings home […]

Residential and Commercial….Relation? Broker’s Perspective in Nassau County

I know, as a broker, I tend to see things in terms of supply.   When supply is high, the chance of obtaining a higher price is far lower than when supply is low.  At what point does the market become a seller’s market.  Well….I’m tempted to say we are in a seller’s market today.  With […]

Buying Oceanfront or Ocean-Area in Florida….? Need to Know….Coastal Construction Control Line – Florida DEP

   The pictures you see are taken from the Nassau County GIS system and show the approximate locations of the CCCL line in two areas of Amelia Island.  Notice… location near Jasmine and Fletcher with the CCCL line across the street from the oceanfront homes and the other location near Sadler Road with a very […]