Wiccademous, Pirate’s Treasure and Hurricanes….Marijuanna Smugglers, Giant Snakes, Bears, Hauntings, Hidden Springs, Commissioners with Pet Alligators, Various and Sundry Rumors of Foul-Play…

“A little nonsense now and then….” 

Amelia Island has its share of legends.  After all, we were home to famous pirates, like Louis Aury and “entrepreneurs” often revered, but little better than legal pirates.  With

Shrimper or ?

the oldest saloon in Florida, parts of town with a history of smuggling and streets […]

Sabbia…Great Addition to Fernandina

I just wanted to post something brief about the amazing lunch at Sabbia today.   The food was wonderful!   Every single item was more than I expected.  Prices were reasonable and the wait was brief.  Music was pleasant and the owners were personable.   We tried the gyro, slices of pizza and spanakopita.   

I highly recommend […]

Conservation and Recreation Land…What Value? Byproduct of a Diverse Economic Base….

See the green areas representing conservation or recreational zoning. Source: Nassau County GIS

I’m far more aware of the importance of local industry, after the last few years spent in local government. Park and conservation areas, to a point, add value to neighborhoods, but how do we find the money to preserve or build […]

Shrimp Festival 53, Fernandina and Lucky Place for Locals

Shrimp Festival is here again. 53 years! Growing from what I remember as shrimp boat races and a short trip to look at the art, into beauty contests, beard growing contests, staggering crowds and more, the growth fills the Historic District and the entire island. Like many locals, I’ll enjoy a visit to the event […]

In Search of….Exceptional Site

I’m working have a client seeeking an exceptional site for new construction.  The site might be a “teardown” or might be vacant.  Frontage will be deep water or ocean and should be located on or very near Amelia Island.  Land budget will be in the $750,000 to $2 million range, with a neighborhood or location […]

Big Changes to Iconic Fernandina Landmark

Already looking better!


It has been long in coming, but the old US Customs House and Post office restoration begins. Anticipate a positive effect on surrounding properties and a huge improvement for the Historic Disrrict of Fernamdina, as the most visible is restored.

Some of the responses to questions about the renovation/restoration […]

Kudos to Rayonier Advanced Materials

According to a survey conducted in 2014, 82% of those surveyed felt landscaping improvements offered a substantial benefit to the appearance entering downtown Fernandina. http://www.fbfl.us/LDCED

Rayonier $RYAM has a history of being a great community partner. Driving down 8th Street in the past few weeks, you might notice the improvements to appearance around well […]

Photo Edit and Too Far?


The pictures are examples of photo editing in advertising.  Smart phones and common software really can change the appearance of a property, but are there fair limits?  The first picture is an edited version of a home near Amelia Island.  The water and color “NEVER” hits that shade of blue, but it looks great…..doesn’t […]

Day in the life…..and Advice….Walk the Dog During Showings…..

Well, today included a new first.  When I arrived a few minutes early for a listing appointment, I heard barking behind the door and a child opened the door to invite me inside.  Two cute dogs were, I thought, competing for my attention, but one only wanted to nip.  I ended up with a pinch […]

Homes, Families and Foreclosure

We all have different life experiences, but sometimes seeing a home makes me think.  Recently, I showed a series of bank-owned properties.  The last two included abandoned play sets and in one home, a number of children’s toys were left behind.  While I can see both sides, considering the effect on a homeowner, brings home […]