Why I don’t care for “First Right of Refusals” or “Kickout Clauses” (listing agent perspective)

Everyone has a particular style of selling. I like to remove the unknowns early in the transaction. One of the biggest unknowns happens when a buyer hopes to tie up a property while they wait for some other contingency. Sellers, often unwilling to wait, will consider a “kickout” clause. At first glance, this may seem […]

Communication is Key

Someone, with good intentions, invited me to a presentation on local real estate development.  Oddly enough, this person knows me fairly well and should know I make a living as a broker and have locally for more than 25 years!  The invitation underscored my need to repeatedly

communicate my profession, experience and background. 

I’ve […]

Finding a Local Real Estate Expert


Find a professional agent when you buy or sell.  Look for experience, education and an agent who works in the industry “full time”.  Is your agent qualified or is he/she someone you would trust to give truly excellent advice?  Does your agent believe in the market enough to invest and are they successful?