Why Choose Amelia Island?

One of the biggest reasons to choose Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach in particular….is the high percentage of conservation or recreationally zoned land.  We have a long history of providing for the future by providing green areas across the entire island.  Consider, visually the percentages.  The light green properties are zoned for recreation, while the […]

Latest on Greenway Public Dump Site

Dumpsite in 1943 See just to the west of Egan’s Creek…same location as it is today. The ditch to the east, may have been a re-routing of the creek to go around dumpsite material. Kayaking the creek, you can see embedded trash exposed to view in the bank, from Hickory to Jasmine.

I just […]

Old Dumpsite Testing??


The light line from the left of the picture is Hickory Street. Darker line roughly the shape of and “L”, starting at the top of the page is Egan’s Creek. The dump is the light area SW of the spot where they cross.

I’m writing to you and copying a local blog because […]