Enterprise Funds All About Bigger Picture

The following is a reply to a post on another local blog. Fernandina is an odd community. By that, I don’t mean the people are odd. It has an unusual economic base, maintenance needs and level of complexity, for a relatively small town. Understanding how the parts function and create a benefit greater than the […]

Farmers Market Better Than Ever


We truly enjoyed the "New” Farmer’s Market downtown.  The vendors appear to be 90% local, the quality is exceptional and this is a 200% improvement.  While I’m sorry to see the former market go, the vendors are new and exceptional.  The shot you see below includes baked goods from our local Great Harvest, flowers, […]

The Longest Meeting… We Have Bigger Problems

Tonight’s commission meeting was beyond capacity.  I’m truly tired after a 5 1/2 hour meeting, but to make a long story short, the city has a lot less money and a greater potential obligation than it thought. We may owe the Army Corp of Engineers $429,000 and no sitting commissioner, current manager or attorney […]

Ethics and Blogs…..Why am I concerned? Compassion…

Recently, several local stories hit the news and became the subject of local conversation/gossip.  While people, apparently, do have a right to know, I found myself troubled by the curiosity and harm potentially caused to the parties involved.  Whether we’re talking about false arrest reports or a DUI for a local politician, there are people […]

Fundraising Effort Fernandina Fireworks….Chamber and Historic Business Association Lead

I hope everyone will consider donating.  See details in the flyer below.  If you are in the downtown area, Tom at Magna’s Salon is collecting as well and will drop off moneys to the Chamber. 


Sky Coast Adventures….Flies over Amelia Island

Well, I am truly pleased to see the helicopter tour operator remain on Amelia Island.  The day after being turned down for a location downtown, I drove by to view the site originally proposed on the old Cook Property, just to the south of the marina.   Would the business benefit downtown?  We’ll never know.   I […]

City of Fernandina Beach/Ocean Highway and Port Authority Workshop

One of the logical changes I’d like to see is a new level of cooperation between these groups.   There may be possibilities we have not considered.  Note the Coast Guard, beach renourishment and rail crossing items on the agenda below. 

The joint CoFB and Port Authority workshop tonight at 6PM to 7PM.  […]

Enterprise Funds….and Appearance of Transparency

I’m in the middle of reading the filing related to the utility impact fee lawsuit here in Fernandina and in turn, began to read a little about enterprise funds.  It would appear, the on advantage of having a fund is to protect the taxpayer and protect the service from future a so called “predatory action” […]

Tree Lighting One Tree at a Time

One of our former commissioners and former Mayor Beano Roberts is taking a personal interest in restoration of the Centre Street lighting.  At approximately $741.00, he found a source for lighting for two trees in California, personally bought the lighting and with approval of the CoFB, the lighting is being installed by CoFB employees.  A […]

Authentic Pubs on Amelia Island….? What?

The newest venture on Centre Street is an extension or connected to O’Kanes by the rear courtyard you see below, but has an entirely different feel.  The courtyard looks and feels like Old Fernandina, with pavers, old bricks and the kind of atmosphere you might enjoy with someone special.   Let me know what you think, […]