Development Acreage on Amelia Island

Located just over a mile away from the nearest beach access, on high elevation, with exceptional trees, including oak, cedar, magnolia, hickory and others, this is some of the prettiest “high canopy” land left on Amelia Island. The plat map was a “proposed” version of the subdivision back in 2006. We ended the project before […]

Capitalization Rate Explained Again

A few times each year, a buyer gives me their version of “Cap Rate”. Most of the time, the version includes the cost to finance in the calculation…..a cost unique to each buyer and “NOT” a way to determine a relative investment value. Commercial buildings are most commonly given a relative value using a cap […]

Dreaming of Dry Water?

I’m considering a change of the blog title to include “dry water”.  I remember an old expression I heard growing up…..”dreaming of dry water”….implying looking for something that doesn’t exist.   I can’t tell you how many times I heard this over the years in a real estate family.   The buyer with no credit or down-payment […]