Don’t drink the Cool or Kool Aide….Fruit Punch?

Over coffee, my wife and I usually talk about the day or the past day. Perspective is something I occasionally forget. Being a salesperson requires motivation and the ability to remain optimistic, even when faced with far more negatives than positives. The danger is in losing perspective. Take the clients point of view too much […]

Communication is Key….or Pick the Best Tool

The chance of losing a sale increases, as the time for a qualified agent to return a call increases.  If you think about the sales landscape, it makes sense.  Numerous sites exist for buyers to consider.   Signs, internet sites, social media….all feed contacts back to agents.    I know how annoying a slow return call can […]

Florida Real Estate Realities

Two, I’ll call them “hypothetical”, conversations with agents amounted a wakeup call for me. I’m continually surprised when agents see the world and the way customer service works in an entirely different way, but these conversations were not even close to the way I work and painted a stark picture. At the end of the […]