60/40 and More…Spec Homes…How many are too many?

Building homes in 2017 is generally profitable, but I can see issues with a slowdown. Back in 2007, new construction permits ended in a way I can only describe as abrupt. No, I’m not forecasting a second real estate crash, but there are common sense rules for most builders. If a production builder, how many […]

Palace Saloon and Corona Light Help Save July 4th in Fernandina

Whether you agree with public funding of fireworks in Fernandina or not, you can only admire Wes Sheffield and the Palace Saloon for taking an active role in saving the 4th of July display. 

It makes little sense to, essentially, turn off the lights when the economy is down.  Fireworks across the country […]

Newspapers and Blogs, Comparison…….Censorship?

I recently elected not to cover or share coverage by a rather biased group.  No, not racial bias, the bias was simply a view of the area the majority of locals probably do not share.  It did not make sense to provide the platform.  When I simply elected not to allow the discussion in a […]

Professional Canned Spam Blog Updates … the Inherent Weakness

Google is an amazing tool.  I use keyword searches to stay up to date on a variety of topics.  One of my searches is “Amelia Island” with a number of exclusions for things I know are a kind of content spam designed to grab a search engine’s attention.  So, I usually know more about local […]