Learn Something New…Non-Possessory Easment

Coastline by Air, with a view of the Far Northeast Florida corner and the Far Southeast Georgia point on Cumberland Island

I’ve never heard this particular argument to cover re-nourishment or the public’s right to access beaches, despite the changes to the coastline. In Fernandina, crossing land to reach beaches and then having the […]

Buying Oceanfront or Ocean-Area in Florida….? Need to Know….Coastal Construction Control Line – Florida DEP

   The pictures you see are taken from the Nassau County GIS system and show the approximate locations of the CCCL line in two areas of Amelia Island.  Notice…..one location near Jasmine and Fletcher with the CCCL line across the street from the oceanfront homes and the other location near Sadler Road with a very […]

#1 Reason to Choose Amelia Island?




No, I think we all know most people choose to live here, at least initially, for the beach.  This is a typical shot at 7AM at my favorite beach access.  Every day is a little different, but the view is always worth the walk or short drive.  At less than 3 […]

Beach Parking Pandora’s Box

Parking on Amelia Island, parking meters, kiosks and beach access fees seem to be a popular debate with the CoFB commission.  I believe the same sort of proposal was brought before the last commission more than once by the prior City Manager.   As Tony Crawford said, "You’re opening a Pandora’s Box of problems."    I agree.   […]