Quality of Life….Mountain Biking the Egans Creek Greenway

Earlier today, I spent some time with a drone photographer, creating a video tour of an exceptional listing. The dolphin show up at the end of the dock every few visits and I’ve encountered a resident hawk on the last two visits. After a long day, starting with email at 7AM, my wife, […]

Taking Florida for Granted

Giant Pampas grass in the background a rubber tree in a pot on my back porch, I think sometimes people take Florida for granted. I take that back I think people take Fernandina Beach for granted. We live on a barrier island with two state parks, world-class beaches and great restaurants in a historic downtown. […]

Cold Weather and Local Shelter

Cold Weather is always of concern, when people without adequate heat or housing are in danger.  Please see below for more information and hours of operation.  Additionally, please be aware of the potential for ice on the roads or cracked irrigation pipes in unexpected areas.  You will see the “ON ISLAND” shelter location […]

Runoff Election Fernandina Beach on 12/10/13

….and then there were two.  Remember to vote on December 10th, if you live inside Fernandina Beach City limits.  Two candidates are left. 


See more on the supervisor of elections website www.votenassau.org or on the www.fernandinaobserver.com site.    I encourage everyone to vote and make an effort to be informed on election day.  […]

Black Friday in Fernandina Today

Best Latte! Hola Cuban Cafe on North 2nd

Hurricane Floyd September 15, 1999

While you may not remember, I thought pictures of the erosion during Hurricane Floyd (1999) at Main Beach and other beaches here on Amelia Island were worth keeping. Expected originally to be far stronger, Floyd weakened as it approached NE Florida and most of us remember the lengthy road times as residents of coastal areas […]

Mountain Biking and Ice Cream….Fernandina Friday…

….Saturday Morning at the Fernandina Beach Farmer’s Market on North 7th Street

FBMS Football