Key Downtown Economic Driver…Fernandina Harbor Marina

Fuel for the local economy isn’t always actual “FUEL”, but a marina without nearby fuel is much more difficult to manage at a profit. After Hurricane Matthew, the marina in Downtown Fernandina Harbor Marina has been working at a fraction of it’s capacity. The fuel normally sold was interrupted by the damage and repairing the […]

Measure a Town by the Streets

Tire-sized cavity under the surface…

I want to compliment the Maintenance Department for the City of Fernandina Beach. I spend a lot of time driving around town and usually call if I see something like the pothole below. At an intersection, on a Friday at 3:30PM, this looked like something in need of repair […]

Coyote on Citrona and Belvedere Avenue Fernandina

I know the picture isn’t great, but this was taken from a video I managed with an iPhone at some distance. About 9:50, it ran past the car on Citrona and turned down Belvedere. The color is brown with some grey and, at first, I thought it was a stray dog. It looked to be […]

Island Lifestyle in Pictures


Quality of Life….Mountain Biking the Egans Creek Greenway

Earlier today, I spent some time with a drone photographer, creating a video tour of an exceptional listing. The dolphin show up at the end of the dock every few visits and I’ve encountered a resident hawk on the last two visits. After a long day, starting with email at 7AM, my wife, […]

Fernandina and Amelia Island Evolution? Pedestrian City?

Will we become a pedestrian city over time and are we halfway there? If you consider the changes over time, including the waterfront park, public bicycle parking, generous sidewalks and emphasis on diversity, mixed use and quality of life, we’ve been trending toward New Urbanism for years. You could say we’re trending back toward […]

Happy 453rd Birthday…… Isle de Mai….Amelia Island

Not only do we have 8 flags, we were also flying Some of those flags 453 years ago….three years longer than St. Augustine?   I think I’ll settle for more flags.  

The map to the right (1733) is interesting, in itself.  As a native, I tend to forget the sheer number of coastal settlements.  There […]

Hurricanes and Complacency

NHC Image of projected path for Erika on 8/26/2015 at 5PM. Go to the National Hurricane Center for Current Information.

Watching the news, , and various forecasting tools online, we all should pay attention to storms like Erika. The projected path can change and evacuation in Florida is far from simple. If you […]

Multiple Vehicle Crash A1A

I have no idea what caused the wreck, but ….well, lot of chips on the road and one lucky pickup!  The falling truck barely missed crushing the cab and, I’m sure, the driver.   Looking at fatality and fault statistics, it is worth driving defensively around large trucks, with a far more difficult time stopping or […]

Old Fashioned Service

Thriving for as long as I can remember….great hardware stores never die.

Definitely a contractor’s place to find anything missing on a job. Running out of wall space for “best of the best” awards.

There aren’t many places you can find old-fashioned service and everything….down to a single mail. Amelia Island Paint and […]