Weekend Events on Amelia Island

Ever hear “There isn’t anything to do…..”?     A few of the events in the coming few days.     

The Fox on the Fairway Amelia Community Theatre Sunday, June 21, 2015, 2 – 4:30pm The ‘Lend Me a Tenor’ playwright sets this modern-day farce at a country club during a golf tournament between clubs with a […]

Consistent Island Branding….Important?

What message are we sending to the tourism industry and can a lack of consistency create a problem?  Not yet, but moving forward, a unified view of the way we promote Fernandina and Amelia Island can make a huge difference.  Going through growing pains is common, but consistent messaging and “branding” if you think of […]

Amelia Island Museum of History Ghost Tours

I’m adding this to my calendar in the coming month.  This is something I meant to do last year…and the year before….and every time I see the tour starting.  Great fun for a Friday night…

Ghost Tours

Guests on this tour will learn Amelia Island ghost stories as they tiptoe through dark streets and […]

City of Fernandina Beach Golf Event Today

Rib Cook-off Schedule at Main Beach Park….This weekend!

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This Saturday, March 16th, is the City’s 5th Annual Rib Cook-off down at Main Beach Park. The weather is forecasted to be a beautiful 76 and sunny, so get outside, come down to the beach annd enjoy some good music, a cold drink and […]

Beginning Thursday November 29th, Downtown Holiday Thursdays….

Farmers Market Better Than Ever


We truly enjoyed the "New” Farmer’s Market downtown.  The vendors appear to be 90% local, the quality is exceptional and this is a 200% improvement.  While I’m sorry to see the former market go, the vendors are new and exceptional.  The shot you see below includes baked goods from our local Great Harvest, flowers, […]

Sky Coast Adventures….Flies over Amelia Island

Well, I am truly pleased to see the helicopter tour operator remain on Amelia Island.  The day after being turned down for a location downtown, I drove by to view the site originally proposed on the old Cook Property, just to the south of the marina.   Would the business benefit downtown?  We’ll never know.   I […]