7 Client Behaviors We All Hate!

I’ve been in the industry for a very long time, but only a broker for the last 30 +/- years. We all develop thick skins, but there are a handful of behaviors, whether intentional or oblivious, I still find annoying. You may have experience with similar behavior and, I hope, clients will consider the value […]

When Negotiation Goes Too Far…..Perception, Trust and Reputation

There is a fine line in negotiation. How low can an offer be before it becomes insulting? When a buyer is actually unqualified to make a purchase, when, how and should an agent end the professional relationship. Tire kicker, lowball, bottom feeder, bored….I can remember so many thoughts going through my mind with unrealistic buyers. […]

“As-Is” ….. Worth reading…..

Few contracts are really “as-is”, I’m told.  The wording in the CC-4 contract would seem to be particularly specific, but even brokers fail to read paragraph 7’s wording.   “Seller will deliver the property to Buyer at the time agreed in its present “as is” condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and will maintain the landscaping […]