Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance can create serious issues, including structural problems. The pictures say it all.

A line exists between an ordinary inspection and the need for a structural engineer. Sometimes the dune changes in ocean areas and extreme exposure to salt, wind and moisture, make maintenance a constant.



Florida Escrow and Often Overlooked Important Change

61J2-14.008 Definitions. (1)(a) A “deposit” is a sum of money, or its equivalent, delivered to a real estate licensee, as earnest money, or a payment, or a part payment, in connection with any real estate transaction named or described in Section 475.01 (1)(a), F.S., or for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction, release, or assignment of mortgages, or quit claim or other deeds deemed necessary or desirable in acquiring or perfecting the title to real estate, or assembling interest therein, or such sum delivered in escrow, trust or on condition, in connection with any transaction conducted, or being conducted, by such […]

Preparation….Curb Appeal….Does it make a difference…..?

I wanted to share some common advice I typically offer to homeowners prior to listing or have shared in the past with a clients.  The pictures you see are a typical part of a pre-listing walk.  Rotted wood, mold or stained shingles, trees overhanging and touching the roof, painting, landscaping and wood rot repairs needed […]

Brochure Copy ….Had to make this into a Post


Working on a brochure and adding a few client recommendations, it really seemed worth sharing the post below.  I know all three clients below and it really does mean a lot when old clients care enough to put it in writing! 


Representation is the biggest reason to choose The Realty Source, Inc. […]

Walking a roof with the home inspector…

Never underestimate the value of first hand knowledge… A few days ago, I spent time walking and taking pictures of pop up nails and/or damage to shingles caused by a low hanging branch. When possible, I prefer attending home inspections with each client.


Common Closing Issues….


After talking with a friend earlier, something occurred to me.  I usually know whether a buyer can buy and everyone usually wants to move toward a closing.  My biggest concerns really revolve around home inspections and appraisals.  Appraisals, considering the management companies, absorption rates and atypical sales still showing up, are a pretty big […]