Reviews, Promotion, Pictures….and the “Never Happy” 5%

I’m beginning to think 5% of the population is never going to be reasonable.    No chance at reasonable….period!  Looking back at my business Facebook page, I changed my opinion of reviews over time, eventually deciding to simply deal with the occasional negative.   Poor reviews, no matter how far you go above and beyond, are simply going to occasionally pop up.  Every client, as much as it hurts, won’t always be satisfied and sometimes recognizing these unhappy, time-consuming, negative review leaving individuals is worth missing a sale.

The most common complaint relates to pictures.  Oddly enough, most websites and the vast majority of advertising, will only take a certain resolution.  Going beyond that resolution would require scaling down the size or resolution to accommodate the limitation.  I use one digital camera and the best phone I could find.  My day usually img_2010includes an average of 20 pictures on the phone and a variety of social media maintenance posts.  Essentially, I manage several local networking sites, my business page and two blogs.  Having a collection of local images is necessary for me, but after 10 to 15 years of practice and thousands of shots, anyone would improve.  That said, some properties are very difficult to show in a picture and some need something more.   Drones are worthwhile, but only if the property has a view, location or frontage requiring the perspective.   Using a drone for every single property or a video of every property is a waste of advertising dollars.




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