Measure Results and Unique Mission …Economic Development in Nassau County

Thinking about our local economy and how we promote economic growth/health/vitality in Nassau County, Amelia Island and in Fernandina Beach, it is helpful to look at the stated goals of various agencies, whether funded, elected or created by a state or federal government.    It is hardly surprising we see success in Nassau County and on Amelia Island, but which efforts are producing results and which efforts might overlap or duplicate the work?

I’m including local government in economic development.  Every elected official spends time thinking of ways to improve quality of life and economic opportunity.   They usually set a direction, but in the case of Fernandina, the CRA Advisory Board specifically endorses and prioritizes projects relating to development within the CRA.

Amelia Island Tourist Development Council  “The goals of the AITDC are to generate visitation to Amelia Island and its attractions/special events, thereby increasing tax revenues, including sales taxes and those imposed on the hospitality industry. In turn, those tax revenues may be used to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the community, provide support for beach renourishment, and ensure a viable hospitality industry.” 11/29/17

Fernandina Beach Main Street  “The Fernandina Beach Main Street program promotes sensible, sustained economic growth and enhancements based on local assets, especially historic resources and buildings. Being a Florida Main Street will enable us to maintain a focus on downtown to create greater economic stability, revitalization, sustainability,vitality, quality of life, and civic pride.” 11/29/17

Amelia Island -Fernandina Beach – Yulee Chamber of Commerce  “With more than 600 members representing thousands of area employees, the Amelia Island-Fernandina Beach-Yulee Chamber of Commerce speaks with a strong and credible voice for business in Amelia Island FL, Fernandina Beach FL, Yulee FL and Nassau County FL.” 11/29/17

NCEDB (Nassau County Economic Development)  “Our mission is simple: to create, grow and attract business investment to Nassau County, Florida and offer high-wage jobs to its residents and our future workforce.  Our goal is to create a well-defined identity and brand that defines Nassau County as a desirable location for business.”  11/29/17

HFBA (Historic Fernandina Beach Business Association)  “The Downtown Amelia Island page is brought to you by the Historic Fernandina Business Association. The focus of this page is to promote events and businesses who are members of the HFBA and are located in the beautiful downtown area of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.” 11/29/17

CRA (Community Redevelopment Area)  “The Community Redevelopment Area Advisory Board is charges with the task of advising the Community Redevelopment Agency on issues including implementation of the CRA Plan by providing recommendations and assistance in identifying and prioritizing projects to be undertaken as consistent with the CRA Plan. The focus of this group is economic development of properties in the City’s established CRA and the adjoining Central Business District with specific consideration on attracting and retaining businesses.” 11/29/17

Ocean Highway and Port Authority “The Ocean Highway & Port Authority, in conjunction with the Port of Fernandina, Kinder Morgan and the other maritime businesses of the port, help stimulate economic growth in Nassau County and the surrounding areas employing skilled workers and supporting surrounding local businesses.”  11/29/17

Fernandina Beach City Commission  The FBCC frequently advocates for local economic development and the commission does look ways to benefit the community, both through actions as a commission and through the economic development element of th comprehensive plan.   “The Economic Development Element is intended to establish a link with virtually all aspects of community life, and recognize that economic development is an essential component of a sustainable community. It seeks to support new growth and redevelopment opportunities within the community while balancing the needs of its citizens, its unique character, and its cultural, historical, and environmental resources. This element provides for an articulated and shared vision of where the City wants to go and what things residents and businesses value. It is about working together for a strong economy by creating and retaining desirable jobs, which provide a good standard of living for individuals. To be successful, economic development must function as part of the whole socio-economic environment which is constantly changing and evolving.” 11/29/17

Nassau County Commission  Through their comprehensive plan, Nassau County shares a similar goal of  “Create and implement an economic development strategy focused on the retention, expansion, and relocation of high wage jobs and targeted businesses. Diversify the County’s tax and employment base and lessen the tax burden for existing residents and businesses while preserving a sense of community and the County’s environmental assets.”  11/29/17

Florida DEO “In collaboration with our partners, DEO assists the Governor in advancing Florida’s economy by championing the state’s economic development vision and by administering state and federal programs and initiatives to help visitors, citizens, businesses, and communities.”  11/29/17




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