Five Lots, density, redevelopment and a new sign! Opportunity?


I’m trying a new source for color signs and, if it looks like this proof, I’ll be very happy.  The Boat House corner is back on the market and offers an unusual potential for re-development.   Consider the boat house signrecent density changes in the historic district and potential for redevelopment of a building without historic significance.  It is far easier to design a building to fit historic guidelines compared to preservation of a building, while repurposing for a new use.

Ideas for uses include multiple storefronts with living above, a single mixed use condominium with commercial uses on the first floor, rooftop amenities like a public area for residents or bar or possibly repurpose the entire property with outdoor seating and a casual atmosphere with water view.   The last option might offer the added potential for use of the existing concrete block structure and expansive outdoor concrete areas.

Picture an open commercial space with covered outdoor seating.  The building may support a second interior floor and consider the structure.  I’m told all or most interior walls are not load-bearing.   Easy to reconfigure, this might make just as much sense to preserve the structure.   Loopnet Listing Detail 30 South 2nd Street

A portion of a presentation by CoFB prior to approval of a density change. This does have an impact on this corner.

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