The Dining Diversity Effect and 20 Reasons to Choose Fernandina

Real estate is often about location, but why does anyone choose to live in a community?  I play tour guide to new residents and am still shocked by how much the community offers.  If you think about the reasons someone might choose an area, diversity is a very big consideration.  By diversity, I’m not talking about demographics, although Amelia Island is filled with people from all over the world.    cropped-30-S-2nd-St_K2-Edit-2-1.jpg

Within 4 blocks of my office, an easy walk, there are more than 20 dining choices.  If you don’t believe me, just search dining on “” and move the map to the Historic District of Fernandina.    I lose track sometimes, but I’m never at a loss for lunch choices.   The unusual quality, with only a single rating below 4 stars on Google Reviews, is unheard of in a small town.

  1. Arte Pizza
  2. Sabbia
  3. Cafe Karibo
  4. Timoti’s Seafood Shak
  5. Nana Teresa’s Bakery
  6. Hola Cuban Cafe
  7. Marina Seafood Restaurant
  8. 4th Street Deli
  9. Ciao Italian Bistro
  10. Amelia Tavern
  11. Peppers Mexican
  12. Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar
  13. Luca’s on Centre
  14. Lulu’s at the Thompson House
  15. Pi Infinite Creations Pizza
  16. Leddy’s Porch
  17. 29 South
  18. España
  19. Burlingame
  20. Brett’s Waterfront Cafe (closed for repairs?)
  21. The Patio Place
  22. Amelia Island Coffee
  23. The Picnic Basket
  24. Tasty’s Fresh Burger’s and Fries

Walk one more block and you’ll find T-Rays Burger Station, David’s Restaurant and Lounge or The 801 Kitchen and Bar.   I’m not even counting the ice cream shops, Fantastic Fudge, small pubs like Pajama Dave’s Beergarden, Green Turtle, the Palace Saloon or even the numerous B&B’s with available dining.

If there are any Florida towns with more dining choices in a small area, please tell me. Otherwise, Fernandina wins the award for concentration of high quality dining.   If you love trying different menus, it is encouraging to think you could stay on the island with a different dining choice each night for a full month.     By far, the concentration of unique and affordable restaurants is inside the Historic District of Fernandina, but several notables are worth mentioning in the vicinity.   The Sandbar just opened in the old Sandy Bottom’s location and should be worth a try.    La Mancha is unique for the island and worth a trip on Sadler Road and I always enjoy Kabuki Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar; the only teppan style meals on Amelia Island.

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