?Thinking, Adapting and Nets

Do you spend time thinking about your network?  DSC01129Sometimes changes in the way we live are just a part of day to day life and some involve finding a different way to reach clients.  Many years ago,  I can remember thinking I’d never use text messages. I didn’t understand how much text would become a part of my life.  Do you remember “MySpace”?  I can remember thinking most social media was either juvenile or meant for people trying to find a “companion”.  I gradually adapted and, oddly, I resisted the changes more when I was young.

Today, even Emoticons are a big part of text and posts on social media and social media is so much a part of our lives, most of us wouldn’t stay in touch with our friends without it.   I’m sure, if you’re reading this much, you noticed the ? in the title of this post.   When thinking of a title for the blog post, I found myself thinking of….well,  an emoticon to show “thinking” or “thoughts”.  Social media has become so much a part of our lives, half of us might be thinking in terms of ?,❤,?,? or ? reactions.   Social media is a big part of my day and the current news coverage of politics underscores the way communication is evolving.   Adding some of my followers or reach online, I’m in the smmneighborhood of a combined 10,000 follower number.    Understanding the value I see personally, an exposure ranging in the millions rivals a television network…bringing an entirely new strategy to online reach through engagement.   I’ll end with this thought. Marketing is all about adapting.  Social media is just communication and everyone in sales should be able to embrace change.

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