Measure a Town by the Streets

Tire-sized cavity under the surface…

I want to compliment the Maintenance Department for the City of Fernandina Beach.    I spend a lot of time driving around town and usually call if I see something like the pothole below.   At an intersection, on a Friday at 3:30PM, this looked like something in need of repair before a weekend.

After talking with Kathy Sabatini, at the roads and streets maintenance number, I happened to drive past the same intersection a little less than 1 1/2 hours later.   Good job!

Small town maintenance departments often run at a deficit.  Just keeping up with paving roads can be a challenge, not to mention budgeting for sustainable maintenance.   Rex Lester, Jeremiah Glissen, Kathy Sabatini and the entire maintenance department deserve recognition.    They obviously care about Fernandina, have pride in providing excellent service and to see this corrected in less than 90 minutes on a Friday afternoon….   I can only say THANK YOU!

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