20 Suggestions for Clients

Over the years, I’ve watched clients choose to do the wrong thing or make the process 2ceab9eb-e96a-4a23-b080-afa544f22501more difficult.   Whether using a local provider, keeping the relationship with an agent on a professional level or being willing to pay for essential items, real estate sales should be a good experience.  I have a timeline and generally look for the best way to move from contract to closing.   I’m working for my client, but there are times when a clients wants something that might not help smooth the process.   The suggestions below are general thoughts on moving through the process, without adding bumps.

Beyond all, #6 and “Listen to your Broker”, is helpful.  If your agent or broker wants to know what you think, it doesn’t mean he or she isn’t ready to offer advice.   Communicating your preferences should include a preference for your agent/broker’s opinion.  I’ve had 30 or more years in this business and am always happy to share an opinion.

  1. Always have a budget in mind.
  2. Be willing to walk away from any offer.
  3. Check ego at the door.  Berating someone working for you is not helping.
  4. If borrowing money, be prequalified and have proof of downpayment.
  5. Be willing to pay for a home inspection.
  6. Listen to your broker.
  7. Walk away from an agent or broker if they don’t listen to you.
  8. Binder/deposits make a difference.  Bigger is better.
  9. Don’t ask for too much time in an offer.   Be realistic.
  10. Remove unnecessary contingencies in offers.
  11. Keep it short.  Complexitiy is usually not helpful.
  12. Use standard contract forms.   (FAR or FARBAR)
  13. Always consult an attorney for legal advice.
  14. Close with attorneys.
  15. Buy a survey.
  16. Pay for inspections.
  17. Always buy title insurance.
  18. Use local lenders.
  19. While I’m at it….use local providers for everything.  The mistakes often happen when someone unfamiliar with the area misses something.
  20. Ask for an estimate of costs “BEFORE SIGNING” a listing or offer.

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