Signing Agreements Walk-Through

This is just a brief description of the steps needed to open and sign a document with eSignOnline™.  There are other programs, but this is the system I’m currently using and, in my opinion, one of the easiest to share.   Some of the features include the ability to delegate the signature to another party, copy someone, like your attorney, and a way to easily sign on mobile devices as well as a computer.  esignpic

Issues sometimes include checking the spam or junk email file, the common problem of forgetting to accept the terms of the agreement and click the final “YES”, when finished.  The message will have my name attached, but does have another address.  The paper saved in using an electronic signature is astounding.  Consider agreements with an average of 10-12 pages.   Copies for each version, copies on each end, faxes….it adds up! Paper storage, stamps, time and errors make traditional contracts far more cumbersome.  Electronic signatures also require every initial in every required location, before you’re prompted to complete your session.  The length of contracts usually meant I frequently found myself reminding clients to add missing signatures or initials.

When complete, a session ID is attached to the document and a second “Certificate of Authenticity” document is copied to all parties.   The system is subject to errors on the agent’s side and I’ve made a few.  All were easy corrections, but it is possible.  Always check your document if you move from paper to electronic.  Count pages to be sure every page is included and look for every initial and signature placement.  Occasionally a form will have misplaced initials.

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