Coming Summer Market the Fall Bump and Fresh Starts

Memorial Day, or any holiday, seems to be a slow day.   Tourism is not usually the client driver you might expect and I’ve learned the holidays are more productively spent with family.   So, I’m thinking about the coming few months, while working on several social media promotions.

Improvements I hope to make are in advertising and reaching more qualified clients.  With scaling to ads based on the dollars spent, putting my face in front of clients is sometimes a challenge.  I’m usually selling quality service over advertising dollar.  Single agents are often only a public face for a team …now you know.   While the tactic does work, I would not choose to present individual agents, when counting team sales.   My approach has been to offer access and service.  I’m almost always available and have decades of experience to tap.   The fewer steps between a call and my voice, the more business I capture.   So, improving advertising means finding the clients and retaining clients after they reach me.

A side project involves a small subdivision on the island.  The going is slow, but we are moving forward with, at a minimum, a minor subdivision.  Minor subdivisions are, essentially, splitting a property into two pieces.  It can be done once, if all other criteria are met.  The cost for a minor subdivision is less and further subdivision can happen at a later date.  I’ll either subcontract out the construction or find a buider-partner to build on the lots.   Timing may run into 2019.

Several of my commercial listings are likely to move in the coming few months.   12 North 2nd is one site with three adjacent lots across from the Palace Saloon.  The adjacent lot is seeing significant attention this month, with at least 4 site visits from buyers in the last 2 weeks.   I’m looking for more to represent, simply because the time required to sell a commercial property can be longer than the 4 to 6 months for residential property in an average year.

With two more homes on the list, keeping several residential properties in inventory is important.  I had 3 new residential  listings on the way and am now down to 2.   Both should sell before fall.  Listings are the “bread n’ butter, but small offices need to think about long and short-term listings.  Residential properties often sell a little more quickly.  The same work might go into a shorter term listing or a commercial property taking 1 to 2 years to sell, but similar numbers of showings are still required.   I worry more if my entire inventory moves to commercial or vacant land.   The income predictability becomes a problem and, with over 500 agents working in the Amelia Island area, clients are seeing the competition daily.

Selling seasons are or were usually best at two points in the year.   Spring selling, or buying, always seemed to come before summer vacation, but the second bump is in September/October.   The past few years didn’t follow traditional rules, but I look for stronger sales every fall.   I move advertising to the most active times of the year.   After fall, mid-November to the first week of January, is slow.   If your home somehow doesn’t sell in the more active season, it may be a good idea to pull the property for the holiday.  If I see low showing activity and a frustrated owner, I often suggest the break.   Making a fresh start is good for promotion and I don’t like to burn a client out with showings during the holiday.   This generally holds true for occupied homes, but not vacant property or a “need to sell” listing.  If your home is vacant, the vacancy is a higher cost.   Just keep remember the drop in activity during a holidays and don’t assume your agent stopped working.

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