Cameras Essential to Every Day, iSight Replacement Program a Lifesaver!

The picture below was taken a few weeks ago and was my background for a tablet screen soon after.  iPhones and cameras are such an important part of a real estate broker’s day, I could never have anticipated the change 30 years ago.  My first Sony digital camera was a square setup with disc drive.   It worked, but was primitive by today’s standard.  The shot below is actually far below current standards and I’m waiting for something even better in the fall.

My phone started taking blurred pictures a few days ago.   You’d think photos would be the biggest noticeable issue, but my first clue came when I tried to scan a survey for a


Macro…a sea anemone in the rocks at the jetty. Again, iPhone 6

client.  If you haven’t used a phone for this, you can create fairly good scans for images 3 or 4 feet across.  Just take your time to brace the phone for stability and watch the lighting.  The normally crisp scan with a scanning app  (TurboScan)  for the iPhone, was completely unreadable.   I normally add copies of contracts to a cloud storage area on my phone.  Paper is a waste of space and money, so I keep, literally, every file in one of several rented spaces online.

In the coming few days, I need to take picture of a new listing.  I’m accustomed to using an iPhone before calling my favorite local photographer for more professional shots, but often the exterior images are equivalent.  With several thousand images each year for the past 20 years, I’m slowly learning photography.  Even the blind photographer….well, you get the idea.   My day often begins with pictures and ends with pictures.   Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, this blog

Example of an unfocused picture in our front yard. Definitely a problem. Oddly, the camera does not consistently shoot out of focus shots. Mechanical? Regardless, thank you $APPL for the program. Appreciate standing behind the product.

and more make up a photo intensity you really don’t notice until the pictures begin to blur.

The replacement program is reasonable and, to avoid delays, I’m going to an actual Apple store in a day or two.  Feedback will follow, but the issue with my camera appears to be a specific iPhone 6 Plus issue dating from specific dates.  The replacement program is painless and, I’m hoping, fast.    After testing the software, rebooting the phone, removing a case, restoring original settings, gently tapping the camera area as one forum suggested, trying a different camera app and even double checking all the camera settings, I finally thought to search for replacement and my model.   Beside the $6 online camera I could buy, a link to a known issue and 3 year replacement for the iSight rear camera……!!!!  Thank you Apple!

If you think about your day, the video and image creating ability of a phone is beyond important.   Think about scanning, bar code scans, shopping with image recognition on Amazon, bar code scans for food entry in my fitness app, social media and just images in communication became so much a part of the phone, it seems broken when the focus won’t work.

edit of shrimp boats

Probably too much enhancement, but entirely with an iPhone


After making an appointment for the camera, the wait for a repair was about 15 minutes, followed by about 2 hours for the repair itself.  No charge and a pristine new camera assembly later, I’m very pleased with the Apple store in Jacksonville Town Center.  Two bumps and notes I thought of in advance.  First, I made sure to have a few examples of the issue saved to photos and I made sure to have the phone backed up with encryption this morning.   When I walked in, after a drive home, the messaging and email was in a lock-screen.  Even the power-off button wouldn’t work.  I’m currently backing up the saved settings from this morning and it should resolve the issue, but without the backup, I might have lost data.


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  • Stumbled upon your blog after searching this problem! I am having the same issue. Set up an appt for the Genius Bar in2 days so hopefully the fix is quick!! Glad to see I’m not the only one!

    • Ed Boner

      I head in tomorrow. Be sure to back up and back up encrypted if you plan to keep passwords or data.

    • Phone perfect now? I think my camera was slightly upgraded. My son swears the original camera is probably the 6S camera now, not the 6+….good for me, but I couldn’t confirm.

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