Appropriation of Ideas and Influence

I’m constantly pitching ideas to clients.  Daily, I’m sometimes asking if splitting a property or remodelling in a certain way would work.  Will a location work for your business, will a wall moved make the room brighter, will a lot work with a plan facing a certain direction?

We all talk about appropriation or it seems to be one of the words we use to describe a variety of behaviors.  It wouldn’t occur to me to dress up as a veteran, if I weren’t, but some people actually chose to wear uniforms and decorations.   Whether pretending to be a race, dressing in a way normally reserved for a specific group or actually claiming to be a part of a group, the purpose is usually to gain a benefit of some kind.

Amelia Island is a very small place and I don’t think many ideas haven’t been thought of in years past.   When I first started working in the real estate industry, I can remember feeling annoyed when someone “appropriated” an idea, without sharing the credit.  Then, I began to see it as a tool.  Taking credit for the idea may give influence, but if you have many ideas and already have the influence, it becomes a matter of sharing or nudging the right people into helping the idea move forward.   Think about marketing as a kind of encouraged appropriation and tie that to influence.

Influence socially, and I mean social media as well, means you have the ability to use a kind of delegation.  Becoming a key influencer can make marketing easier and can build relationships leading to even more influence.   Why would anyone care about the idea or credit, if you choose the result and your influence grows.  I go through periods of thinking about influence and how our communication changed the way we make things happen.  In real estate sales or politics, we sometimes think in terms of protecting information and protecting our ideas.  If we change the thought to pursuing a result and forget about the credit for an idea or appropriation as a bad thing…it becomes a kind of tool.

In searching for intellectual property and appropriation a first line from a paper on intellectual property made me think of social networks and just the idea of benefit someone might hope for by using my ideas.

“One goal of intellectual property is to increase the proportion of social surplus accruing to the innovator.” Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine, Jan 25, 2010, Appropriation and Intellectual Property 5/26/2017

Creativity can work for marketing if you think about sharing the idea as the goal and networking to make the idea move quickly.  Social surplus isn’t quite the thing I’m looking for, but the idea is to offer an idea or picture or property in a way to encourage the spread.  Think about what it means when something goes “viral”.  I want people to appropriate my ideas.   It saves effort and, if I’m occasionally given credit, my influence gorws.


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