iPhone Pictures and Real Estate

I’m often at a property with only an iPhone for pictures….or is it “ONLY” an iPhone?   The shots I manage with several apps and the editing features built into the phone aren’t exactly shabby.  Some of the tricks I use include panoramic shots, angles meant to show off the depth or showcase a feature and even the height of the IMG_0649camera to eliminate the perception of low ceiling height.  How to make a room appear bright or how to improve/edit a picture after shooting, can make a huge difference in advertising or social media traffic.  Many of us use social media to promote property or use listing shots to showcase a listing.  We can see, literally, thousands of views on a single good shot, so the edit and picture can mean a lot.

Why do I think an iPhone is enough?  Well, phones are made, in my opinion, to be used with social media and advertising.  Apple recently released a list of tips for using the camera with an iphone, but the enhanced editing options can create some amazing pictures.

My “agent’s” persective tips would include a few key points.  Learn the editing features available in the photo app.  Take higher definition and straighten or cut pictures to improve the shot.  Don’t only use default filters or enhancements for shots.  Sometimes they work, but it is always possible to do more with manual edits.   Think about light and depth.   Where is the sun?  Is the lighting similar enough to make it easy to edit the entire shot?

I use apps to create effects like the one above, sometimes a sketch effect or sometimes an app like “Pixelmator” or “Enlight” to add an effect.  That said, I’m looking at a higher end camera in the coming few months, but I picked up good basic photography skills with a phone.

My thoughts/tips:

  • I usually shoot with the phone held horizontally.
  • Use the volume tab as a conimg_9059.jpgtrol.
  • The headset volume button works as a remote control for the phone.  If you love selfies, this might be important to you, but it also removes all shake from a shot, giving the appearance of a better resolution.
  • Always edit before publishing.
  • Tap to focus.
  • Swipe to adjust the focus.
  • Brace or rest on something fixed.
  • Use HDR for more dramatic use of highlights.
  • Read through https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht205659 and other tips fro Apple.  They literally give you the keys to the apps and phone!   Read the updates on the phone app and see what it can do.
  • Turn on location services and use the map to locate old listing photos.   Highly under-rated.
  • Use landscape to frame pictues and features to create depth.
  • Never take a picture from directly in front of a home.  I use angled shots, when possible, and think about what I’m seeing.  Your purpose is more than simple information.
  • Inside, try shooting from 2 to 3 feet lower.  I’m tall, but compare the difference.   Lower shots showcase the size of a room and height of ceilings.


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