Feasibility and Economic Impact Study for Pier Location?

In commercial development or any development, it is almost unheard of to begin without an economic impact or feasibility study first.  Consider any major improvement and expenditure of tax money.  Would you prefer to see measured and careful consideration before construction or would you prefer the biggest impact for dollar spent?

Jacksonville, Flagler, Cocoa, Sebastian, Daytona, Lake Worth, Panama City?  There are quite a few examples of oceanfront piers.   In a local’s Facebook forum, several island residents have some positive things to say about placement of piers.

We recently lost a very long pier inside Fort Clinch State Park on Amelia Island.  The pier is something I rarely used and I always wondered at the site choice.  Other than at the mouth of a river, the location does not create a maximum economic impact for the island.  What if we compared locations….perhaps a pier at Main Beach in Fernandina.  The pier might not be as long, so cost might be lessened, but what about economic impact.  Nearby businesses and walkability for the community might make this an exceptional location.
I would only hope to compare locations for cost, economic impact and community preference.  How many people use the Fort Clinch Pier each year, compared to how many might use the same kind of structure at Main Beach?  How would you like to spend your tax dollars?  Should we rebuild without comparing or look for the highest and best benefit first?  2500 feet compared to 1000 feet?  How many people pay to use a 2500 foot pier, walk to reach it and walk that far with fishing gear?


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